Rolling Studio Makeup Artist Cosmetic Case w/ 6x 40W LED Light Bulb

Rolling Studio Makeup Artist Cosmetic Case w/ 6x 40W LED Light Bulb

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A Free-standing Portable Makeup Station. Perfect for Studio and Artist Making Up
Six 40-Watts Warm Light Bulbs with Dimmer Control
Comes with Top Cover Mirror
Auxiliary Power Oulets On the Top Cover for Hair Dryer Using
Lock and Key System for Security
Four Padded Trayed, One Bottom Part, Two Side Compartments and One Rear Compartment for Organization of all your makeup things
Two Trays Covered with Waterproof/Dustproof Thin Layer of Film
Telescoping Handle to Place the Appliance Holder (is made of Aluminum alloy frame and PP fire-proof plate,can hold them while they are turned on and hot,for holding hair dryer & curling iron)
Inline Skate Wheels and Four Adjustable Legs for Easy Mobility and Settling
6 Adjustable Heights(15 3/4"--34 1/4") for You to Select
Heat Resistant Material Keeps the Case Cool and Protects your Cosmetics
High Quality Medium Density Fiberboard Finish
Two Brush Pots for Storing Brushes As S
110-250 Volts Circuit


Compact Dimensions (LxWxH) -22 1/2" x 17 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Top Cover Mirror (LxW) -16 1/2" x 14"
Center Tray - Bottom Part (LxWxH) -14" x 12 1/2" x 1 1/4"
Center Tray - Four Padded Trays(LxWxH) -12" x 7" x 1 1/4"
Side Compartments (LxWxH) -17 1/4" x 4" x 3"
Rear compartment (LxWxH) -14" x 4" x 3"
Brush Pot (LxWxH) -4" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Telescoping Legs -15 3/4"--34 1/4"
Volts Circuit -110-250V
Power Line -7ft

Package Includes:

1x Makeup Case
6x Warm Light Bulbs
4x Telescoping Legs
2x Brush Pots (as gifts)
2x Keys
1x 7ft Power Cord