As the mother of a 2-year-old, nothing is more important than our nighttime routine! It includes playing with Henry, getting ready for bed, and indulging in some self-care. My “me time” wouldn’t be complete without my favorite Fall shows, books, beauty products, and a warm cup of Lipton tea!

Early on in Henry’s life, I realized that he was a little man that LOVED routine. Pat and I are both pretty relaxed and “fly by the seat of our pants” people, but Henry seemed to thrive from structure and predictability. Sleep has always been so important to me (NOT a morning person), so I really wanted Henry to sleep well and sleep solid. He was sleeping 12 hours a night around 10 weeks, and it’s made life as a new Mom so much less stressful than I imagined.

There are always really hard days and phases, but I know after 8pm, I’ll get my “me” time. The days are long, but the years are short! Nothing could be truer. I try to savor all of those little moments with him, even the crazy ones!

I wanted to write down our recent nightly routine, some things I’m loving for Fall/Winter, and how I manage to squeeze in some self-care along the way these days.

Lately I’m loving Lipton Daily Support Herbal Supplement with Green Tea (that I purchased on the Walmart Tea Shop) to calm nerves, keep me healthy for Winter, and just give me a nightly pick me up!

Where to buy all the best Tea
Walmart’s new Tea Shop is making it easy to find the best tea for you and purchase all in one spot! I picked out this Lipton Herbal Supplement with Green Tea Daily Support, but they have SO many options. There is something for everyone from Lipton to TAZO. Lipton also has so many other teas available within their Lipton Herbal Supplement line, like Lipton Herbal Supplement Bedtime Bliss, Lipton Herbal Supplement Terrific Turmeric, Lipton Herbal Supplement Soothe Your Tummy and more.

My favorite way to relax at night is with a cup of Lipton tea from the Walmart Tea Shop!

I’m so excited to share that Walmart is making it easier than ever to discover the BEST teas out there by creating its online tea shop! You can take a quick quiz (4 questions) to learn your Personali-tea :) and shop for an amazing tea that matches your personali-tea (and in my case, take the stress out of my life!). It’s how I found out about Lipton Stress Less Herbal Supplement, and I couldn’t be happier. What are you waiting for?

Our Nighttime Routine with Henry
Right now, here is what our nights look like at the Hardin house!
My Favorite Hot Tea: I almost always make a cup of tea about an hour before Henry goes to bed. I know bedtime is going to be raucous, so sipping on a nice cup of Lipton Daily Support Herbal Supplement with Green Tea is all I need to feel whole before tackling potty training, negotiations of more back rubs and baby shark, and the inevitable calls for more hugs and kisses for about 30 minutes after the lights are out in Henry’s room (I will be DEVASTATED when he stops asking for these!). Checking out the Basement Progress: We are getting our basement remodeled and I could not be more excited! I try to stay out of their way during the day, but as soon as they leave and before Henry goes down, we all go down and check out the progress. We are about 2 weeks away from being fully finished so check back again soon for all kinds of updates on how that’s going! Play, Play, and more Play: With tea in hand, Henry and I play until the very last minutes before his bedtime. He goes to bed at 8, and if we try to make it one minute earlier, it’s not happening. He likes his schedule! Right now, he’s loving coloring of any kinds, puzzles, anything Mickey Mouse, and jumping off anything he can climb on. The stairs are literally endless entertainment. We are realizing we have way too many toys and really all he needs is us getting down on the floor and playing with him and his imagination. Delegation of duties: Typically, Pat takes him to the bathroom and tries the potty/brushes teeth and then I sit and read/sing songs. Once in a while I make Pat switch me so I can get a jump on shows before Pat goes downstairs and starts watching sports. :) In general, the last moments of the night cuddling are my most favorite minutes of the day. Is anything sweeter?

Self-Care after Baby’s in Bed
After Henry goes to bed, the ME TIME starts. I think self-care is so important to good mental and physical health, and I crave a little time to unwind each and every day. Here are some ways I’m currently loving to unwind now that the weather is getting colder!
Getting cozy: I am always on the hunt for the fluffiest blanket I can find. Extra points if it has an extra pocket for my feet. I’m obsessed with throw blankets, and Pat gets annoyed that almost every month there’s a new one in my rotation! I love to lounge, what can I say. A good book: Right now, I’m reading several books. There’s no better way to unwind than putting down your phone and diving into an actual book. A few books I’m currently reading are: The Goldfinch, How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk, and any cookbook I can get my hands on. Yes, I actually READ THEM! Binge-worthy Shows: Pat and I have always loved watching shows together. When we were dating it was Breaking Bad and The Wire, and now it’s Big Brother and Succession. Some other shows I’ve absolutely loved lately are Dead to Me, Pen15, Chernobyl, Handmaid’s Tale, anything Real Housewives (guilty pleasure), and The Loudest Voice. Self-Care and Beauty Routine: This year my beauty routine has changed from just makeup remover wipes to a full 8 step process. I have fallen in love with trying new products and finding out what my skin reacts best to. I feel so pampered trying new face masks or a new serum. We only get one face; I wish I would have thought about that in my 20s! My favorite tea: With the weather getting cooler, I literally cannot get enough of Lipton Herbal Supplement with Green Tea Daily Support. Packed with Turmeric, Echinacea, and Ginger, it’s sure to help me keep the colds and flu away this Fall and Winter. Plus, it tastes AMAZING and makes me feel so cozy and warm.

Click to hop over to the Walmart Tea Shop to find the best tea for you and your lifestyle and be sure to take the quiz to find out your Personali-tea! So much fun. Whether you’re looking to relax, find some flavor, up your well-being, or enjoy a pick-me-up, there’s something for everyone! It’s sure to make your routines this Fall so much more enjoyable. 

All pictures for this post were taken my Lissy Early from Miss Prissiness Photography 

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