27 Easy DIY Projects For Teens Who Love To Craft

Looking for easy DIY projects for teens to do? This list is for teens who love DIY crafts, from creative to simple, theres a craft project here waiting to be completed.

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DIY Projects for Teens to Make and Be Creative With

Fun Crafting Time with DIY Projects for Teens

Painting feathers, making wooden dowel lamps, if your teen makes a couple of these projects, he or she can probably redecorate his or her room at the same time. These craft projects are easy and fun to make, and what every teen could be looking for.

My bonding with the kids normally involves movies and popcorn. Other times we would spend hours in my craft room just tinkering on interesting projects to boost their creativity.

Last time we were working on something, I asked my teenage daughter to make a list of fun DIY projects she had worked on so I can share them with all of you.

So, if you are also a teen or have a teen who loves to make a DIY project or two, share this with them. Im sure theyll have a blast making them!

1. DIY Beaded Bracelet for Teens


Make this DIY beaded bracelet for yourself or for your friends. This will make a great friendship bracelet many teens are into.

2. DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

A cool mason jar craft with a sparkling effect would be fun to make. It will make a great lighting decor piece great for both indoors and outdoors.

3. DIY Painted Feathers for Teens


This DIY painted feather is a great craft to make for teens. From this lovely craft, you can do more DIY craft projects.

4. DIY Picture Frame with Mosaic Tiles


Glam up a plain boring picture frame with your own design. This craft could take time, especially if you want to do it right, but it will be worth it.

5. Scrapbook Ideas for Teens


Start making your own scrapbook and document all the fun experiences youve had.

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DIY Projects (@DIY Projects) January 29, 2016

6. Espadrille Sandals

Espadrille Sandals | Easy DIY Projects For Teens Who Love To Craft
Espadrille Sandals Photo by A Beautiful Mess

I never thought there would come a time, but heres your chance to make your own pair of sandals.

7. DIY Flower Crown


This DIY flower crown is the perfect teen craft project for summer and spring or anytime you want to feel like a fairy princess.

8. Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder


Complete your room by getting all your pieces of jewelry organized with this tulle frame.

9. Cool Headphone Cover


All you need are different colored threads to make a cool headphone cover. If youre into paracord braiding projects, itll be just like it, only with finer material.

10. DIY Hashtag Pillow

DIY Hashtag Pillow | Easy DIY Projects For Teens Who Love To Craft
DIY Hashtag Pillow Photo by The Crafted Life

Hashtags shouldnt just exist in social media, turn it into a DIY hashtag pillow for your bedroom. This is a great sewing project for beginners.

11. Plastic Canvas Floral Clutch


Can you believe you can make a clutch with a plastic canvas? For your teen girls, this is one chic project theyll be excited about.

12. DIY Princess Hair Accessories

DIY Princess Hair Accessories | Easy DIY Projects For Teens Who Love To Craft

Going to a special event? Feel like a princess by making these pretty hair accessories.

13. DIY Hanging Clipboard Art


Need a DIY wall art decor you can change and mix up anytime? Check out this smart and nifty hanging clipboard idea.

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14. Wooden Dowel Lamp


Create a stunning lamp with a super cool light effect. You may think youre looking at a complicated work of art, but it really is simple.

Well, its a work of art for sure but one youll find super easy to DIY!

15. DIY Beaded Phone Case for Teens


Customize your own phone case and turn it into a beaded work of art.

16. DIY Tumblr Notebook for Teens


Be school ready and even save some money by making your own cool notebooks. Design it however way you want with this DIY Tumblr-inspired notebook idea.

17. DIY Balloon Covered Mason Jar


A super easy mason jar craft project you can do a lot with. Turn it into a drinking glass or organize your stuff with it.

18. Polaroid Frame


Keep your memories safe and on display with this easy DIY frame craft.

19. Mason Jar Thankfulness Jar


Everyone has something to be thankful for and this DIY thankfulness jar is one fancy way to remind you of those. Make sure youre always grounded by remembering the blessings you have.

20. Flower Applique Pillow


Create a 3D effect on your pillow with this easy craft project. A felt pillow with an easy flower applique is one your teens will be excited to do.

21. DIY Jeweled Headband for Teens


Be stylish by making this DIY jeweled headband. With this idea, your teens can do as they please with other art pieces or trinkets.

22. DIY T-Shirt Pillow for Teens


Have some old t-shirts you just cant part with? Turn it into a pillow with this DIY t-shirt pillow idea.

23. DIY String Art Tutorial


Decorate your room by making your own string wall art.

24. Ombre Paint Chip Chevron Necklace


Make a necklace for almost nothing at all with paint chips! You can make an ombre paint chip necklace with materials you may now have.

25. DIY Tote Bag


Need a new bag? Why not make your own with this tutorial. You can even make this DIY tote bag, two ways.

26. Easy No-Sew Dog Jacket


Do your teens have a pet pup or two? Tell them to skip buying expensive pet suits with a promise of extra cash saved for say, their makeup goals.

Show them this easy no-sew dog jacket instead, since they dont even have to sew.

27. DIY Pom-Pom Bookmarks for Teens


Make cute little pom-pom bookmarks with yarn. Theyre super cute, theyll make a decor piece out of the bookshelf.

This video from Makers Gonna Learn will show you an amazing DIY crayon art for teens you will want to do yourself, ASAP:

Boredom can strike teens fast, so you will want to show them these DIY craft projects to keep their interests up. Good thing we have more DIY craft project for teens here, but these projects on the list will keep them busy for a while, for sure.

Which DIY projects for teens are you going to try? Let me know below in the comments section!

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