40+ Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are my absolute FAVORITE part of Christmas. I know, that might sound nuts, but growing up I looked forward to my stocking the most.

My stocking was normally filled with gift cards and chocolate, and I mean what could be better than that!?

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A lot of conventional stocking stuffers involve quite a bit of plastic or are trinkets and

gadgets that often find their way to the landfill.

You can avoid that this year by choosing a few sustainable stocking stuffers instead!And, dont feel like you have to buy a BUNCH of stuffers, I find that 5-7 is the perfect amount.

If youre in need of some zero waste stocking stuffers inspiration, Ive got you covered with 40 ideas. Ive arranged them by price so you can get something perfect for everyone on your list.

  • 20 Gifts Under $20

  • 36 Gifts Under $50

  • 40+ Gifts Under $80

And, if youre looking for larger gifts to put under the tree check out my 2019 GZW Gift Guide!

20 gifts $20 and under

20 Sustainable Gifts under $20 from www.goingzerowaste.com #stockingstuffer #stockingfiller #ecofriendly #sustainable #sustainablegifts #zerowaste #eco #ecogfits #giftguide #sustainablestockings Winter-15-min.jpg

bar of chocolate / $3.99

Who can resist a delicious bar of chocolate!? Alter Eco creates organic, ethically made, plastic-free chocolate using all-natural ingredients.

Theyre a certified B corporation and theyre working to regenerate the rainforest. Theeve planted over 30,000 trees since 2008, and offset 14,400 tons of CO2 as part of their standard to be carbon neutral.

Not sure about you, but receiving one of their chocolate bars in my stocking would make me a very happy camper.

Both Justin and I LOVE their coconut toffee bar! Its made from 47% cocoa, slightly crunchy, a little bit sweet a little bit salty and OMG. Its soo good!

Check out the coconut toffee bar and get 25% off with the code ZEROWASTE25


rosemary, mint, and vanilla body wash / $5.00

This travel-sized body wash from Plaine Products comes in a returnable aluminum bottle and smells delicious! Rosemary, mint, and vanilla makes me feel like Im at the spa.

Plaine Products is amazing because they eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles through refillable packaging. Theyre a certified B Corporation and members of 1% for the planet so they give back with every single purchase!

This particular travel body wash is made from natural ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free and stocking stuffer friendly. Its tiny so its great for on the go trips and vacations, or simply staying over a loved one's house.

Check out the travel-sized body wash and use the code GZW20 to get 20% off!


reusable straws / $5.95

This 2-pack of stainless steel straws come with a silicone flex tip, and they make the perfect stocking stuffer. These straws are from Kleen Kanteen a certified B Corp and member of 1% of the planet so portions of each sale go to environmental organization.

With 500 million plastic straws being used every day, gifting reusable straws will make this world a little less trashy. These straws are great for on the go sipping and chilling! You can pop them into drinks at restaurants, your glass mason jar cups, or your tumbler on the go.

Small gifts like straws are the perfect gateway swap. Giving a gift like reusables straws are perfect to get people interested in making more eco-friendly swaps in their life!

Check out this 2-pack of stainless steel straws


stasher snack bags / $9.99

This small silicone stasher bag is perfect for storing snacks on the go. Its definitely tiny enough to fit into a Christmas stocking. If you want to make this extra festive consider adding in some candy you got from the bulk bins or homemade cookies.

You can feel extra good about buying these snack bags through Earth Hero (the motherland for sustainable living supplies) because they give back to 1% for the planet with every purchase and they offset the carbon footprint for all of their shipments!

Stasher bags are amazing because you can use them in the freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher without having to worry. At the end of their life, Stasher Bag has a take-back program that turns the silicone bags into soft, safe playground pebbles.

Check out the snack bags and use the code GOZERO to get 10% off!

flosspot group-01-min.jpg

compostable floss/ $10.00

Flosspot is a zero-waste, biodegradable floss brand that offers both silk and vegan floss. Because its tiny, it makes an excellent stocking stuffer!

Flosspot is basically a mini mason jar filled with silk dental floss thats lightly waxed and not flavored. Its also fully compostable when youre finished using it.

The vegan version utilizes corn fibre for its floss and its coated with candelilla wax. Its flavored with ginger mint and packaged in a durable stainless steel jar.

Check out the compostable floss


bergamot and lime deodorant / $10.99

This bergamot and lime deodorant stick comes in a 2.3 oz compostable push up tube.

I love how this deodorant is made with organic, ethically sourced ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, beeswax, baking soda, vitamin E oil and essential oils. Its also aluminum free, of course!

The push up tube makes for easy application. Just compost the tube when its empty so theres no waste.

The Zero Waste Store packs & ships 100% plastic-free using post-consumer boxes and mailers.

Check out the and get bergamot and lime deodorant stick 10% off orders of $50+ with the code "ZWSHOLIDAY


bamboo travel set / $12.95

Plastic cutlery is the worst! Gift this bamboo travel set to help your loved ones stay waste free on the go.

I really love the fact its made from bamboo, a lightweight, fast growing material that doesnt require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. The carrying case it comes in is also made from recycled plastic water bottles!

All of Earth Heros shipments are carbon neutral and they give back with every purchase!

Check out this bamboo travel set and use the code GOZERO to get 10% off!


organic cotton mesh produce bags / $17.97

We can never have too many organic cotton mesh produce bags, can we? Thats why these produce bags from Organic Cotton Mart make a great stocking stuffer!

In this set, you get two large, two medium, and two small produce bags. This is great for someone who is new to zero waste living, or wants to make the switch to plastic free groceries.

I love how they have the tare weight on them as well! Very handy. At the end of their life, you can simply toss them into the compost.

Organic Cotton Mart is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your reusable organic cotton needs they sell everything from produce bags to lunch bags.

Check out the organic cotton mesh produce bags and get a 10% discount for the whole order GZEROWASTE10


shampoo bar / $19.00

Pair this shampoo bar with the Morrocco Methods conditioner bar (late in the guide) and youve got the perfect gift set.

This shampoo bar is handcrafted, vegan, paleo, and cruelty free as well. The carton it comes in is completely compostable, just like the conditioner bar.

This shampoo bar utilizes shea butter and olive oil to moisturize and condition your hair. The castor oil will also help stimulate the scalp, ward off dandruff and promote hair growth. This bar is great for all hair types.

Check out the shampoo bar and get 15% off with the code GoingZeroWaste


insulated camp mug/ 19.95

This pray for snow camp mug from REI co-op is as handy as it is adorable. Its made from high quality stainless steel and double walled, giving you vacuum insulation that keeps your drink hot or cold for hours.

I love how it comes with a lid that keeps your beverage from spilling while on the move, too! Very handy and perfect for camping sustainably. The mug and lid are both BPA-free too.

One of the things I love about REI is that they gave back more than 70% of their profits in 2018. They invested $8.4 million in 431 nonprofit partners that create access to the outdoors as well as over a million in rewilding projects.

Check out the pray for snow camp mug


4ocean recycled coral reef bracelet/ $20

This 4ocean bracelet is perfect for someone who loves the sea! For each bracelet sold, 4ocean will remove 1 pound of trash from our oceans and coastlines.

On top of that, Earth Hero gives back to 1% for the planet with every purchase and they offset the carbon footprint for all of their purchases!

Check out the 4 ocean bracelet and use the code GOZERO to get 10% off!


chocolate truffles / $7.99

Prefer chocolate truffles to chocolate bars? I dont blame you Alter Eco makes some delicious and organic truffles made from only the best ingredients. These sure make yummy stocking stuffers!

I love the fact Alter Eco makes holiday medley truffles you get an assortment of their salted caramel, sea salt, classic dark and silk velvet truffles all in one.

The best part about these truffles is the fact theyre not wrapped in plastic they're wrapped in compostable candy wrappers the first of their kind! The wrappers are made from a renewable, plant-based, non-GMO material you can actually compost.

On top of that, with each holiday gift box sold, Alter Eco will plant one tree in the Peruvian Amazon in an effort to preserve the vital ecosystem.

Check out the chocolate truffles and get 25% off with the code ZEROWASTE25


101 ways to go zero waste / $9.99

You knew this was coming right? I mean, my book 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste truly is the ultimate zero waste stocking stuffer.

101 Ways to Go Zero Waste is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help anyone start their zero waste journey! I cover everything from composting, to grocery shopping, to cleaning products.

Youll learn some of my favorite DIY recipes for beauty and home, along with advice for making better choices that dont harm the environment.

As I always like to say, its not about perfection, its about making better choices. This book will help anyone do exactly that plus itll look very cute in a Christmas stocking.

Check out my book 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste


organic reusable cotton rounds / $10.95

Who needs disposable cotton rounds when there are organic reusable cotton rounds?

These tiny rounds make perfect stocking stuffers. You can use them to apply face cream, remove makeup, or clean your face with a cleanser.

Because theyre simply made with sustainable cotton, these rounds can be composted at the end of their life though you wont have to do that for a while since theyre built to last.

For best results, wash the rounds between each use and let it air dry.

My favorite part of shopping with Eco Roots is that they donate a portion of each sale to Ocean Conservancy.

Get 10% off these reusable cotton rounds with code GZWROUNDS.


wooden dish brush / $11.00

This wooden dish brush is completely plastic free and great for cleaning pots, dishes and sinks. EcoRoots sells it and I absolutely love this small business because they curate some amazing plastic-free products for the home.

Plus, all of Eco Roots products are sustainably sourced and they ship in recyclable and upcycled materials - completely plastic-free!

The brush head is replaceable so you can keep using the handle and reduce your waste when the brush wears out.

Get 10% off these wooden dish brush and the replacements with code GZWBRUSH


face wash / $15.00

This refillable aluminum bottle of face wash from Plaine Products is an ideal stocking stuffer. Its only 2.7 oz so its small and will easily fit into a stocking.

Its made with all natural, vegan ingredients with a subtle citrus scent. Itll gently clean skin without stripping it and is perfect for all skin types.

You can return the empty bottles to Plaine Products at the end of their life and order a refill. I love how its travel friendly so you can take this with you on vacation in a little toiletry bag.

Check out the face wash and use the code GZW20 to get 20% off!


coyuchi sateen organic eye mask $18.00

Some people just cant sleep without an eye mask. And you know what I say to that? Grab a coyuchi sateen organic eye mask!

This eye mask is sustainable, vegan and fair trade. Made from 100% organic cotton sourced and woven in India, this eye mask sure is unique.

It comes in three colors: Mid gray, midnight blue and undyed. I love how easy it is to slip into a Christmas stocking!

Check out the coyuchi sateen organic eye mask


superfood matcha / $19.95

This superfood matcha from Further Food is absolutely amazing and makes a great stocking stuffer.

This superfood blend combines organic matcha with brain boosting superfoods like cordyceps mushroom and ashwagandha.

All these good-for-you ingredients are energizing, rev your metabolism, keep you focused, and regulates stress.

You only need to add 1 scoop to a cup of hot water or milk, so itll last a long time. Plus, you can recycle the bottle when its done.

Further Foods sells sustainable super food powders that do wonders for your health and they package everything in 100% post consumer plastic #2!

Check out the superfood matcha and get 15% off your purchase with the code GOINGZEROWASTE


beard oil conditioner / $19.99

Know someone with a beard? Gift them this all-natural beard oil conditioner from the Zero Waste Store. It comes in a 1.69oz glass bottle thatll last for months!

This beard oil is a highly absorbent, lightweight and moisturizing oil that nourishes both your skin and your beard. It functions like a concentrated leave-in conditioner that will soften your facial hair and reduce itching or irritation.

I love the fact its formulated with pure and organic essential oils and botanical extracts. There are two wonderful scents to choose from: The Original (woodsy, herbaceous, slightly sweet) and Tundra (cooling peppermint and refreshing lemon).

Zero Waste Store is an online shop where you can get a bunch of plastic free essentials for your everyday needs.

Check out the beard oil conditioner and get 10% off orders of $50+ with the code "ZWSHOLIDAY


bamboo toothbrush pack / $20

Brush with Bamboo is my all time favorite bamboo toothbrush! Its the the word's only plant-based certified organic bamboo toothbrush on the market!

One of the best things about choosing a bamboo toothbrush over a plastic one is that you can compost the toothbrush at the end it's life!

These babies are perfect to slip into the stocking. Brush with Bamboo make brushes for adults and for kids and their bristles are pretty soft making them good even for sensitive gums.

Check out this bamboo toothbrush and get 10% off your order with the code "goingzerowaste"

36 gifts $50 and under

36 sustainable and eco-friendly gifts under $50 from www.goingzerowaste.com #stockingstuffer #stockingfiller #ecofriendly #sustainable #sustainablegifts #zerowaste #eco #ecogfits #giftguide #sustainablestockings Explorer_Pack_Beewax_Wraps_720x-min.jpg

beeswax food wraps / $21.99

These cute beeswax food wraps from the Zero Waste Store are great for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, snacks or covering a bowl. Theyre also great stocking stuffers.

The wraps are made from beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. At the end of their life, you can simply compost them.

Just use the warmth of your hands to form the wraps. The wrap will hold its shape once it cools and you can reuse it over and over again until it no longer sticks. Then, into the compost they go!

Check out these beeswax food wraps and get 10% off orders of $50+ with the code "ZWSHOLIDAY


thick socks / $24.95

Who doesnt love a pair of socks in their Christmas stocking? These REI co-op corseland crew socks are super comfy and breathable too.

These socks totally beat what you find in conventional stores: Theyre made from a blend of merino wool (Responsible Wool Standard certified) and recycled polyester and nylon with a touch of spandex. The certification ensures that sheep be treated in accordance with leading animal welfare standards.

Did you know most socks are just made from virgin plastic fibers? Instead, these socks help keep plastic out of the landfill.

REI is a local outdoor co-op that sells top quality gear and apparel with the planet in mind. REI is also working to become a zero waste to landfill organization by 2020.

Check out these thick socks


nothing but pure argan + hemp duo / $25.00

Nothing But Pure argan + hemp duo by Josie Maran Cosmetics are two travel sized argan essentials for your skin. Theyre perfect for the natural skincare lover in your life.

One bottle is 100% pure argan oil and it will visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The other bottle is argan oil and hemp oil and can be applied to your face, neck or anywhere your skin needs a boost of hydration.

Together, these two travel sized bottles will keep you looking radiant no matter where you go. Just use 2 to 4 drops and press them directly into cleansed skin.

Josie Maran Cosmetics uses nothing but pure ingredients with sustainable packaging. Theyve also partnered with Terracycle to make it hassle free to recycle your empties.

Check out the nothing but pure argan + hemp duo


edith vegan soy candle + planter / $29.99

This edith vegan soy candle + planter is too cute and unique not to love.

The candle from Earth Hero is made from 100% pure soy wax thats free of toxins and features a lead-free cotton wick. The candle holder comes in a handmade ceramic plant pot that includes a wildflower seed paper label made from recycled, compostable paper.

Once the candle wax is all gone, just fill the ceramic container with soil, plant the label and grow some pretty wildflowers. Such a great stocking stuffer!

Check out the edith vegan soy candle + planter and and use the code GOZERO to get 10% off!

Untitled-1-min (1).jpg

toasted pumpkin candle / $30.00

This toasted pumpkin candle from Shanti Creations not only smells amazing but is also completely non-toxic. Its also small enough to fit into a Christmas stocking, but it might be a little bit heavy so maybe place the stocking on a table or the floor.

The toasty top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove blend so well with the silky buttercream and pumpkin scent in this candle. Your loved ones will adore it.

Plus, its made from coconut wax, a much more sustainable wax option. Coconut is a high yield, renewable crop plus its completely nontoxic and actually burns cleaner and slower than other waxes.

Shanti Creations creates unique, one-of-a-kind, zero waste candles whose jars can be repurposed after the candle has melted away.

Check out the toasted pumpkin candle and use code GOINGZEROWASTE for 10% off until Christmas Eve!


cork card wallet / $35.00

Ever see an eco-friendly cork card wallet before? This little card wallet from tentree can easily slip into a Christmas stocking.

The outer layer is made entirely from cork, making it look super unique and one of a kind. The interior is 97% organic cotton and 3% spandex for ultimate flexibility.

This little wallet is practical and houses 2 sleeves for paper currency and multiple slots for all your cards.

Check out the cork card wallet and use the code GOINGZEROWASTE15 (valid from Dec 5-31st) to get 15% off!


cora microfiber laundry ball / $37.99

Want to prevent microfibers from contaminating waterways? Use this cora microfiber laundry ball from Earth Hero the next time you do your clothes. Better yet, give it away as a stocking stuffer!

I really love Earth Hero they're an ecofriendly shop based in Boulder, Colorado. Also, they have an amazing stocking stuffer guide you should check out as well.

Check out the cora ball and use the code GOZERO to get 10% off!


whipped argan oil face butter / $42.00

This whipped argan oil face butter by Josie Maran Cosmetics is a great gift for those who value natural skin care, and its size makes it an excellent stocking stuffer.

The Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter should be massaged in to restore skins vitality.Plus, you can recycle your empties with Terracycle.

Check out the whipped argan oil face butter


food canister / $22.95

Kleen Kanteen makes this adorable little food canister, perfect for storing snacks or dog treats on the go.

Its tiny enough to fit in a stocking, making it a perfect gift. Plus, its stainless steel, which is durable and easy to recycle at the end of its life. But, lets be honest, this steel container will last forever!

Kleen Kanteen makes some of the most durable stainless steel containers around, including their famous reusable water bottles. Add some snacks into the canister before slipping it into someones stocking for a perfect surprise treat!

Check out this food canister


stainless flask/ $24.95

This diamond stainless flask is perfect for those looking to keep their favorite beverage handy at all times. Its designed to fit easily into a pocket (and a Christmas stocking)!

Made from stainless steel, its solid and dependable at all times perfect for camping or easy transport. And just because its a flask doesnt mean it has to house alcohol either I love to use flasks as small water bottles for tiny handbags.

The loop keeps the cap attached at all times so you never lose it!

Check out the diamond stainless flask


citrus silk conditioner bar / $29.00

This citrus silk conditioner bar from Morrocco Method will leave hair feeling soft and smooth minus the waste. It comes in a fully compostable carton that slips into a Christmas stocking perfectly.

Made with natural, raw, wildcrafted ingredients, this conditioner bar is vegan, paleo and cruelty-free. Its perfect for detangling unruly hair and adds luster and shine in the process. I also love the fact its handmade in small batches!

I really encourage you to check out Morrocco Methods new products too they sell so many zero waste friendly skin care and hair care products (all which make great stocking stuffers too).

Check out the conditioner bar and get 15% off with the code GoingZeroWaste


purcell mittens / $30.00

Theres nothing cozier than these purcell mittens from tenree, thats a fact! Plus, these mittens will slip into a Christmas stocking nicely.

Theyre made from 50% non-mulesed merino wool and 50% REPREVE polyester. Best part? Theyll keep your hands warm without harming the planet!

Plus, tentree plants ten trees for every single purchase!

Theyre unisex sizing and come in a variation of colors. Just make sure to wash cold and hang dry to keep them in good shape.

Check out the purcell mittens and use the code GOINGZEROWASTE15 (valid to Dec. 31st) to get 15% off!


kurt beanie / $32.00

This adorable kurt beanie from Ten Tree is soft, cozy and small enough to fit into a Christmas stocking. Perfect for men or women.

Tentree plants 10 trees for every single purchase made, and theyve planted over 35 MILLION trees all over the world in countries like the US, Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, etc!

Tentree prioritizes sustainable fabrics and production. This beanie was made out of 50% merino wool and 50% REPREVE polyester (aka recycled polyester), making this beanie cute and sustainable!

Check out the kurt beanie and use the code GOINGZEROWASTE15 (valid from Dec 5-31st) to get 15% off!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_cfa-min (2).jpg

period panties / $34.00

Know a menstruating human? We likely all do. Why not gift them some Thinx period panties?

These undies were designed to replace wasteful sanitary pads.

I personally really love the hip hugger, sport and thong styles. Theyre all super comfortable and work like magic!

Depending on the Thinx style you choose, these period panties can hold anywhere from .5 to 4 tampons worth of blood.

Check out Thinx period panties and get 10% off your purchase using that link!


honey (bee edition) eco-friendly iphone 11 case / $38.00

This honey (bee edition) eco-friendly iphone 11 case by Pela Case is super cool because its not made from plastic. Its 100% compostable!

The cases are super durable so theyll protect your phone from drops and scratches, all while avoiding unnecessary plastic. I really love the cute honeycomb and bee design on this case too.

The case is made from flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer thats completely biodegradable. Plus, your case wont come packaged in plastic either it'll ship completely plastic free too.

Pela Case designs sustainable phone cases for most iphone and android users.

Check out pela case and get 20% off with code GZW20


nisolo luisa clutch nutmeg / $42.00

The Nisolo Luisa Clutch in nutmeg from Made Trade is a sustainable, fair trade clutch thats super stylish. Its also a great stocking stuffer because of its size.

This clutch is made from suede leather and has a brass snap closure. It was handmade in an ethical factory in Peru.

Nisolo leather is always a byproduct of the meat industry and they believe in the ethical treatment of animals. Not to mention they use eco-friendly waste disposal systems.

Made Trade curates some of the most exceptionally designed and ethically sourced goods from makers around the world. They also always have 100% carbon neutral shipping on all orders.

Check out the Nisolo Luisa Clutch

gifts $80 and under

40+ sustainable and eco-friendly gifts under $80from www.goingzerowaste.com #stockingstuffer #stockingfiller #ecofriendly #sustainable #sustainablegifts #zerowaste #eco #ecogfits #giftguide #sustainablestockings pillows-min.jpg

natural latex noodles bed pillow / $60.00

Who doesnt love a nice comfy pillow to fall asleep on? This natural latex noodles bed pillow is a fantastic and considerate gift.

The pillow is filled with shredded, all-natural latex and wrapped in an organic cotton pillow case. Its all handcrafted in The Futon Shops San Francisco factory by skilled seamstresses.

Since these pillows are made from natural materials, this latex pillow does not off-gas or harm the environment. The natural latex inside is made from natural rubber trees which are a rapidly renewable resource.

Now, this gift might be a little bit big to put inside the stocking, but every morning when wed wake up on Christmas morning our stocking would often be a little heavy and theyd be on the floor.

You can place your stocking on this fluffy pillow so it has a nice place to rest before the big morning.

Check out the natural latex noodles bed pillow


the square top + handloom noir / $79.00

This square top and handloom noir shirt was handloomed in Bikaner. This craft is one of the richest traditions in India and the beauty of this shirt is more obvious when you hold it close.

Its got beautiful details that are worth appreciating: Angled sleeved, boxy fit, cross-stitch accent, open slit neckline.

To think this was all made by hand is amazing. It would make a very unique stocking stuffer with a much more personalized feel than any conventional black shirt.

Check out the square top and handloom noir shirt

tp-min (1).jpg

who gives a crap toilet paper - the gift edition / $52.00

Give the gift of toilet paper this holiday season specifically Who Gives a Crap Toilet paper, the gift edition.

This toilet paper isnt like conventional stuff you get at the store it's made from bamboo, so youre saving trees. Also, Who Gives a Crap helps build toilets for those in need.

The gift edition is super cute because you can use the festive wrappers to make gift wrap or homemade confetti. There are even gift labels on a few of the rolls, so you can write who its for directly on the wrapping.

48 rolls is a lot! Making it the perfect gift for your household and using a few stuff everyones stocking!

Check out the the gift edition and get $10 off with the code GOINGZEROWASTE


maya eco-friendly sunglasses in garnet brown / $80.75

Did you know Pela Case also designs sunglasses? These maya eco-friendly sunglasses in garnet brown are super chic and a perfect stocking stuffer.

These sunglasses are made with plants and theyre insanely comfortable. Plus the timeless design totally means you can ride out all the fast fashion trends in style.

The coolest part is probably the fact Pela Case has a take-back program setup for them at the end of their life to ensure they dont generate any unnecessary waste.

Check out the pela case sunnies and get 20% off with code GZW20

Which stocking stuffer did you like best? Be sure to check out my 2019 Gift Guide which contains larger gifts, and one of my most popular posts 50 Experience Gifts. How are you keeping Christmas low waste this year?