50 Halloween Costumes You Probably Wish You Thought Of Yourself (New Pics)

The holiday season is upon us: we’ll soon be feasting upon pumpkins, followed by turkeys (plump and with tiny pilgrim hats), and, well, more turkeys (plumper and with tiny Santa hats). Since Halloween is closing in on us like the Grim Reaper, you’re probably thinking about what costume to wear if you haven’t ordered or sewn your own already.

Our Bored Panda witches and warlocks have been busy casting summoning spells and concocting the perfect list of Halloween costumes. We hope you’ll enjoy them and that they’ll inspire you to show everyone who’s boss while you’re out trick-or-treating and dancing all night long at your Halloween bash.

You think you love Halloween? Odds are, we love it more. Way more. In fact, I’m pretty sure that pumpkin juice flows through our veins. Check out Bored Panda’s posts about Halloween here, here, here, here, and here. It’s scary how many of these we’ve summoned from the Pumpkin Realm. [Roll of thunder followed by an evil cackle]
#1 The Little Girl That Was Mesmerized By Michelle Obama's Official Portrait Last March Dressed Up As Her This Halloween
Image credits: Ben Hines
#2 9-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Dresses Up As Beetlejuice For Halloween
Image credits: tony_aeaata
#3 An 88 Year Old Woman And Her 92 Year Old Husband Attend A Halloween Party
Image credits: cabass

Halloween is a great time to let out your inner creative imp. Whether you want to show off to your friends, leave a great impression on that girl or boy that you like, or scare off spooky spirits like Sam and Dean from Supernatural, it’s imperative that you look good.

And for that, you need a costume. Something different from the crowd. Something that stands out. Something that hasn’t been done before.
#4 Daughter Becomes Dad As Costume
Image credits: BloodyPoopBurningAss
#5 My Heart Melt When This Popped Up On My Feed
Image credits: butterscotcheggs
#6 My 6 Year Old Sister Wanted To Be Coraline For Halloween And For Me To Accompany Her As The Other Mother. Here Is Our Result!
Image credits: douwannaseemyplants

However, there’s nothing new under the sun, so instead of going for total originality that might backfire, instead, go for something a bit unusual but make your costume well.

After all, it’s the quality of the costume and your ability to roleplay that pirate/knight/Jedi/superhero that counts most, not just impressing others with your innovative ideas. We’d rather dress to the nines as Castiel (some of us already wear trench coats almost daily) than pretend to be some niche character from some show nobody’s ever seen.
#7 Best Halloween Duo I’ve Seen This Year
Image credits: reddit.com
#8 Tripod Got My Vote At The Costume Contest
Image credits: MaxPickles
#9 My Son Is 4 With Cerebral Palsy. Every Year My Amazing Wife Builds Him A Costume To Go On His Wheelchair
He's been obsessed with Polar Express so this year he went as a train engineer. Woo woo!

Image credits: G3g3nsch3in

There are many traditions associated with Halloween and one of them has to do with keeping away fairies if you’re Irish or have ancestors back in the Land of a Thousand Welcomes. According to local folklore, if you don’t want your things stolen by those darn pesky fairies on October 31, you should dress up, carve faces into pumpkins, light blazing bonfires, and keep yourself surrounded by black cats. Otherwise, the fairies might get you. In fact, we heartily recommend surrounding yourself with cats throughout the year. Just in case.
#10 This Kid's "Tired Mom" Costume
Image credits: PlanetoftheAtheists
#11 My Nephew Had A Six-Hour Heart Surgery The Day Before Halloween. This Is How They Solved His Walking Restriction For Trick Or Treating
Image credits: seanbrockest
#12 I Don’t Know If The Town Is Ready For My Trick Or Treaters Or Not
Image credits: bannerthesuperdog
#13 My Wife Was In An Accident About 2 Months Ago Resulting In A Severe Brain Injury. We Thought We'd Make The Most Of The Situation
Image credits: ryneoweb
#14 Just In Time For Halloween, Anglerfish Costumes
Image credits: Inboxmetittypics
#15 Pretty Unique Halloweeen Costume - Dead Body On Mount Everest
Image credits: rad_rant
#16 She Even Giggles When You Poke Her Belly Button
Image credits: hopem1210
#17 No, No. Too Scary For Me
Image credits: GallowPlaceholder
#18 A Wild Horseshoe Crab In Its Natural Habitat
Image credits: Kelly Matthews
#19 My Daughters As Maria And Luigia
Image credits: XxkimberlyxX441
#20 My High School Art Teacher's Amazing Van Gogh Costume
Image credits: vitaefinem
#21 Halloween At The Office
Image credits: raidfragdominate
#22 She Refused To Smile The Entire Time In Costume
Image credits: skeach101
#23 We Won The Yuk Yuk's Comedy Halloween Costume Challenge
Image credits: shockthew0rld
#24 Some Cop In My Hometown Winning Halloween
Image credits: Skwerilleee
#25 Mexican Climbing A Wall Costume #26 Freddy Mercury Halloween Costume
Image credits: oligarchyoligarchy
#27 My Daughter’s Preschool Had A Costume Party Last Halloween. There Were 9 Princesses, 2 Super Heroes, And 1 Garbage Truck. She Was The Garbage Truck
Image credits: lilacsinthesummer
#28 Some Girls Want To Be Disney Princesses For Halloween. Others Walk A Different Path... It's The Expression That Really Sells It
Image credits: daedallydone
#29 Created A Mask Of My Face For Halloween
Image credits: kevlarrr
#30 What A Fun Guy. Get It. Fun Guy
Image credits: wasnerkevin
#31 I Told A Kid In My Neighborhood I Loved His Costume. He Replied With Asking Me If I Would "Bite His Shiny Metal Butt"
Image credits: Cpwin34
#32 Straight Outta Hell
The hubs and I are super into the holiday and go all out with months of sfx work. Everything is made from scratch and if it's not, its been reworked to make a custom piece.

Image credits: aetcooks
#33 My Friend Won The Halloween Costume Contest. Are You Surprised?
Image credits: 2dilly
#34 Joker: The Beginning
Image credits: jsmn_r
#35 My First Halloween As A Double Below The Knee Amputee. Forrest Gump And Lieutenant Dan
Image credits: calliecostudio
#36 Best Costume At My Office Today. The TV Rolls Around
Image credits: seanayates2
#37 I Made An Ewok Costume For My Daughter
Image credits: Sploinker
#38 I Don't Know Whose Kid This Is But I Love This Costume
Image credits: girlnamedcharlie
#39 My Lara Croft Cosplay
Image credits: hoodbobthugpants
#40 I Figured Out How To Use A Sewing Machine And Made My Son A Jawa Costume
Image credits: 954general
#41 My Nephew Was Bob Ross For Halloween
Image credits: SinSlayer
#42 My Halloween Costume Is A Band-Aid
Image credits: Rhgoodguy
#43 For Her First Halloween, She Became A Free Elf
Image credits: cbick
#44 Mom Crocheted This Xenomorph Costume For Her Son
Image credits: Stephanie Pokorny
#45 I Was Asked "Why Didn't You Dress Up For Halloween?"
Image credits: kelleehasclass
#46 My Best Friend Handmade A Skunk Costume For My Kid’s First Halloween
Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard
#47 Some Makeup And Scar Putty Turned Me Into The Nightmare Version Of My Favorite Emoji
Image credits: Atstewie27
#48 My Son Just Discovered Metallica, He Can’t Wait For Halloween
Image credits: SkipperJen
#49 No One Knew Who He Was... Either We're Too Old Or The Costume Sucks...
Image credits: suestrong315
#50 Just Wanna Brag On My Girlfriend’s Son. He Killed It As Eleven, This Year
Image credits: Slandyr
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