Animal Crossing has lots of cute characters, but some are just...not

We love all the villagers, but some less than others. Like, a LOT less.

The villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons represent the core charm of the series. These cartoon caricatures of real-world creatures are who we spend the majority of our time with while developing our island paradise, but sadly, some of them are...less appealing than others. In fact, some of them are downright creepy or unsettling, and many have been socially ostracized by the Animal Crossing community for their outward appearance. Here's a list of what we consider to be the 15 ugliest villagers in all of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (in no particular order).
Welcome to island life Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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The joyful game the world needs

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a joy-filled life simulator where you develop an island paradise and become best friends with your animal neighbors...although some are more visually appealing than others.

Kicking off our list is Biskit, a friendly dog who has what are undeniably the most soulless eyes in history. Just looking at them makes you feel uncomfortable, and it makes every social encounter with him a creepy, unsettling experience despite how kind and pleasant his demeanor is.

Making things worse is the fact that his striped green ears and tail combined with his bright orange skin give him an appearance that resembles a cantaloupe. The blue shirt doesn't really fit either, and while a smile is normally the type of expression you want villagers to have, it comes off as eerie when it's paired with those big, milky-white eyeballs.

Did I say that Biskit had the most soulless eyes in history? Just kidding. That title goes to Coco, a rabbit villager who was designed to look just like the gyroids players have come across in every Animal Crossing title to date. The pitch blackness in her eyes is as endless as it is frightening.

Thankfully, Coco's clothing looks nice, but whatever redemption her outfit offered for her horrifying face is completely nullified by her skin's ceramic-like texture, further contributing to her gyroid appearance and making her look more like a statue than an actual rabbit.

Finally, Coco's friendly behavior ends up working against her here. While you'll never see or hear her being mean to anyone and she will always greet you cheerfully, the fact that she looks like nightmare fuel ends up making her politeness feel like a ruse. Is she really being nice to you, or is she just trying to trick you into falling for her trap? The former is the truth, but the latter possibility is all I can think about when she looks me in the eyes.

Honestly, Chow's whole appearance just makes me do a double take.

I mean really, what's the deal Nintendo? Between the pink and black fur combo, the dumb beige shirt with multi-colored stars all over it, and the bright blue ears, this panda looks like someone just hit "random" when picking out his colors and went with whatever came up. Pair that with his leering eyes and his goofy "smile" and you just have a mess of weird design choices. On some occasions you might see him sporting a strange toothy grin that gives off serial killer vibes, making things even worse.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Chow happens to have the Cranky personality, and among the Cranky villagers he's often regarded as one of the meanest by the Animal Crossing community. So, not only is he ugly on the outside, but also on the inside, too. Yeesh.

Oh, Pietro. God bless your little sheep heart.

Pietro is arguably one of the nicest villagers in all of Animal Crossing, and he always tries to make everyone's day a little brighter by cracking a joke or lending an ear.

Unfortunately, he's dressed like a clown. And that is unacceptable.

From head to toe, he's just a rainbow-covered mess of caked-on makeup and stripe patterns. Pair this with his giant clown nose and permanent grin and you have one of the most unappealing villagers in the game, aesthetically speaking. Pietro's kindness may make you smile, but his style will make you frown.

Tabby's strange facial expression alone is enough to earn her a place on our list. Between the wide eyes, giant flared nostrils, and permanent toothy grimace, she's the epitome of off-putting. The brown stripes (are they hairs? Or are they markings?) on the top of her head don't do much to improve her look, either.

Further contributing to her strange appearance is her shirt, which looks reminiscent of an x-ray scan of a ribcage. On one hand, the pattern matches her head stripes, but the overall weirdness of it holds it back from being appealing.

Thankfully, Tabby is a friendly villager so she's not a chore to deal with from a personality perspective. Just like with the other pleasant characters on the list though, a kind spirit doesn't do anything to fix appearances.

Poor Jitters looks like he hasn't gotten a wink of sleep in weeks, evidenced by his wide-open eyes surrounded by a thick dark ring. Though he appears energetic and lively to others, one has to wonder whether or not he really is so or if he just pretends to be when people are looking his way. Additionally, his name along with his near-bloodshot eyes has led many fans to wonder if he's using illegal substances behind closed doors.

Whatever the case may be, there's definitely something going on with Jitters that he won't talk about. Hopefully he's able to resolve his problem soon, though, because it's hard to focus on having a good time with the bird when his piercing gaze falls on you directly.

Everything about Barold raises red flags. His thick facial hair, fat pink lips, and squinty eyes come across as pure creepy, and his fashion sense isn't any better. While it's true that his shirt matches the inside of his ears, the yellow and black tiger stripe design is still pretty unappealing regardless.

On top of his appearance, it's worth noting that Barold stays in his house all the time. This isn't uncommon amongst Lazy villagers, but what makes it unsettling in Barold's case is the fact that the inside of his house is covered in surveillance screens and computer servers. This suggests that he keeps watch over everyone on your island from his base of operations. Talk about a stalker.

Like Barold, Limberg oozes creepiness. Between the beady little dots he calls eyes, his exaggerated brows, his five o'clock shadow, and his nerve-wracking smile, it's impossible to look at Limberg and not want to yell "stranger danger" as loud as you possibly can. His cheeks look like pepperonis, too, which is just lovely.

Fortunately, unlike Barold, there's nothing in-game to suggest that Limberg is creepy in any way outside of his appearance. Unfortunately, though, he still lacks a fashion sense considering he thinks a flesh-colored shirt goes well with bright yellow skin and blue ears. Pair this with the fact that he's a Cranky villager, and you'll ultimately have a smelly-looking jerk of a villager on your hands.

Harry just hands-down looks gross. His beard is thick, unkempt, and it grows in random directions on his face, and his eyebrows are incredibly bushy too. His skin is also a dirty brownish-yellow color that looks like mustard, and his camo shirt just makes it look like he went and rolled around in the dirt and grass for awhile.

It doesn't help that he tends to be mean, either, thanks to his Cranky personality type. Overall, there are simply no redeeming qualities about Harry. Hopefully you'll never have to experience the displeasure of him living on your island.

Why, Nintendo? Why did you have to give Hazel a big dumb unibrow across her forehead when she looked absolutely awesome otherwise?

Everything about Hazel besides the unibrow is perfect. Her eyes are cute, her cheeks are adorable, her red jacket matches her hair perfectly, her tail has a pretty swirl on it, and her teal ears even provide some pleasing contrast. But none of that is easy to appreciate once you spot her thick, black unibrow that overpowers everything else and ruins her look. Someone get this squirrel some hot wax and tape already.

While a few of Animal Crossing's villagers look dead inside, Cube just looks dead, period. This is thanks to his X-shaped eyes that many have come to associate with corpses in cartoons. Aside from this, Cube actually looks pretty cool, but the striking and unsettling nature of his eyes make them difficult to ignore.

Something else worth noting is that when walking around your village, you may discover Cube sitting down next to a tree relaxing, not moving a muscle. Lazy villagers like Cube do this all the time, but Cube's eyes make him look like a motionless dead body when he does it. Eerie.

While most of the villagers on the list are creepy or gross looking, Bella made the cut because she looks scary. Her angry cross-eyes, fang-like pair of front teeth, and her evil grin are intimidating, and her shirt features a skull with flaming eyes. The small yellow tuft of hair between her ears looks goofy and weird too, which makes her look even less pleasant.

Despite her hostile appearance, Bella is actually quite chipper due to her Peppy personality. So while she may be unpleasant to look at, at least she'll treat you and the other villagers nicely. Just don't get on her bad side if you know what's good for you.

Rodney is one of the most all-time hated Animal Crossing villagers, and it's really not hard to see why. His tealish-blue skin doesn't look good with his tuft of pink hair or his magenta and white striped shirt at all. Further, his eyelids look like they're in a losing battle with the forces of gravity, making him look permanently bored out of his mind. The cherry on top is his strange mouth shape, forming an expression that looks like a frown with hints of a smile at the tips. It's as if Rodney almost cares about whatever is going on around him, but just can't commit to the effort.

This may be a bit of a hot take, but Eugene definitely deserves to be on this list. He's not ugly in the ways that other villagers on the list are; rather, he's ugly because every single thing about this koala screams that he's full of himself.

The greaser jacket. The sideburns. That stupid little smug grin. The sunglasses (which he wears indoors). Just...ugh. And of course, as you'd expect, Eugene has the Smug personality type, meaning that he will often brag about how cool he is to you and anyone else who has the bad fortune to cross his path. Hopefully one day someone will knock this pipsqueak down a peg.

Last but definitely not least on the list is Moose, who looks like a cross between Elvis and a Chuck-E-Cheese wannabe who got rejected trying out for the part.

Like Eugene, Moose's looks completely egotistical. His sideburns, cocky smirk, rolled eyes, and permanently raised brow let you know right away that this mouse thinks he's all that, and he absolutely does. Though he's a Jock villager and not a Smug one, he'll constantly talk about how tough he is and how big his muscles are. Meanwhile, all you'll want to do is punt him across your island to push him off his high horse and make him go away.
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch for $60.
Welcome to island life Animal Crossing: New Horizons

$60 at Best Buy

The joyful game the world needs

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a joy-filled life simulator where you develop an island paradise and become best friends with your animal neighbors...although some are more visually appealing than others.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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