As avid craft enthusiasts who were encouraged to get creative from a young age by our parents, we’ve always known how to paint to some extent and enjoyed it immensely

It wasn’t until recently, however, that we started missing the days when we’d paint quite often and feeling intent on incorporating it into our daily lives once more.

Now, we had a few paintbrushes lying around the house and stashed away in our craft room because we’ve grown into crafty parents who like to encourage our own kids to stay creative. But if we’re going to take painting a little more seriously the way we’d like to, we’re pretty sure we’d rather invest our money into actual, high-quality paintbrush sets that are more suited to creating art with detail rather than just adding a bit of color to something.

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Transon Round Watercolor Detail Paint Brushes Check Price on Amazon
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50 Pieces Paint Brushes with 12 Pcs Paint Pallet Trays Check Price on Amazon
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Artlicious 25 All Purpose Paint Brush Value Pack Check Price on Amazon What are the best paint brushes for your projects?
We like to put in some research any time we purchase just about anything, no matter how small, so we started compiling a list of great starter paintbrush options the moment we decided this was something we wanted to do more. By the time we’d chosen the best packs for us, we had realized we’d already made quite the impressive recommendations list, so we had figured we’d as well share it with other crafters who have the same interests and needs!

Check out these 10 awesome and diverse paintbrush packs and bundles that we came across in our search.
1. Editor’s Pick: Transon Round Watercolor Detail Paint Brushes

Rather than just working with acrylics on canvas and other thicker kinds of paint, are you looking for a set of brushes that will give you the precision and control required for other, more abstract paint types, like watercolor? Then we think you might appreciate what Transon has to offer!

This kit might only come with eight brushes in total, but their size range covers quite a diverse spectrum, from extremely fine for small details to much thicker for more color saturation and wider coverage. The tips, which are rounded points for you can get different effects depending on how you maneuver them, are made from a blend of goat’s hair and high-grade nylon. These are held solidly in place on light wooden handles by copper ferrules that are plated in nickel for anti-scratching, durability, and non-shedding.
View price on Amazon 2. Budget Pick: 50 Pieces Paint Brushes with 12 Pcs Paint Pallet Trays

Are you actually a total beginner when it comes to painting, or perhaps just looking for a nice kid-friendly, but decent quality set to start them off with that will last until they might choose to take their own skills to the next level? Well, in either case, we have a feeling you might get a real kick out of the way Hulameda has bundled this next offer!

This pack, which impressively sells for under $20, gives you a while a useful handful of 50 brushes, but also 12 plastic painting pallets! This makes it perfect for either larger groups of artists or even just avid painters who might need more brushes and pallets on hand while the ones they just used this morning are still drying from having been washed. The brushes come in a wonderful range of sizes and shapes (i.e., flat vs. pointed) and are made from wood and nylon.
View price on Amazon 3. Value Pick: Artlicious 25 All Purpose Paint Brush Value Pack

If you’re going to purchase a large paintbrush set that gives you a wide range of shapes and sizes, would you actually rather take that concept one step further and purchase the kind of bundle that also has sponges in the mix for creating different textures with your paint as well? Then we think you might get along quite well indeed with this set provided by Artlicious.

Despite the diverse tools it has to offer and the impressive number of things included, this pack is actually the cheapest one on our list so far, running you less than $10! The brushes and sponges alike have wooden handles, and the bristles are a blend of nylon and naturally gathered camel hair for a soft touch. The range of sizes is impressive, but it’s also one that’s particularly kid-friendly because sponge painting gives you so many fun texture possibilities.
View price on Amazon 4. Artify 10 Piece Paint Brush Set

Are you intent on getting the kind of basic sewing kit that will really just cover your bases and give you the most practical sizes and options, with bonus points if it comes with a case or some kind because you actually like to take your art on the go, but you’re also still working within a pretty tight budget? Then we think you’ll be rather glad indeed to see what Artify has to offer!

Inside this smoothly zipping canvas carrying case, you’ll find 10 differently sized and shaped paintbrushes with smooth wooden handles and scratch-proof ferrules. The brushes range in shape, with tips including liner, flat, filbert, round, fan, and angle. The bristles are soft, high-grade nylon, and they’re anchored specifically to prevent splaying and shedding so you don’t end up with loose hairs in your work.
View price on Amazon 5. CONDA 24 piece Paint Brushes

Have we got you feeling rather intrigued indeed by the idea of not only buying yourself a set of brushes that’s diverse and has a wide range of sizes and shapes but that also has a kit, but you’re also just not sure that you’ve quite seen the one for you yet? Then we’d suggest giving this bundle from CONDA some consideration!

Rather than a zipping case, this particular pack is actually built like a brush roll, more like traditional artists might have used decades ago, or like many makeup artists still prefer to use. The whole bottom edge is lined with long pockets for the wooden handles of the brushes to slide into, letting you keep them organized in the order you like them very easily. The size range ran from fine and pointed to wide and flat, with a whole host of options for whatever effect you need in between.
View price on Amazon 6. Benicci Paint Brush Set of 16

Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the zipping canvas case set, but you’re the kind of person who always loves to see more than one version of similar ideas before you make a final decision? Then here’s another design with a similar case but slightly different brushes, thanks to Benicci!

The case that you’ll receive here features a combination of elastic rings and pockets inside that let you, just like you saw above, organize the brushes the way you please before zipping them safely up. The brushes themselves, despite being a fun bright orange color, are made from soft high-grade nylon with copper ferrules, and silver painted wooden handles. The brushes are scratch-proof, shed-proof, and fantastically durable for their price. Perhaps the best part of the bundle is that you also get a sponge and a pallet knife, diversifying the kit even more!
View price on Amazon 7. Ampela Paint Brush set with 38 pieces

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping for a very large kit with many different options, but you’re looking for more specialized shapes than you saw in the kid-friendly pack of 50 that we showed you earlier? Well, especially if you were also pretty thrilled by the idea of getting a brush roll style case, then we think you’ll really appreciate this kit offered by Ampela!

In total, this brush set, which rolls up shockingly thin for what it contains, offers you 38 differently shaped and sized brushes. Another perk of this bundle is the fact that the brush handles, which are made from light wood, are painted in grouped colors to code them by type, with a range of sizes within each type. This color coding system will save you from searching endlessly through all 38 brushes for the one you’re looking for!
View price on Amazon 8. Horizon Group USA Paint Brush Set

Did we actually get your attention the best when we started talking about kid-friendly sets, but you’re looking for one that has more than one type of sponge and several of each brush and tool within it? Perhaps you’re a teacher, or you run a daycare or neighborhood playgroup. Either way, we’re pretty sure Horizon Group USA has just the kind of thing you’re looking for!

Even though this set unbelievably costs less than $10 for all it has to offer, you’ll receive 35 brushes and handled sponges in all, with several copies of each so that there’s enough to go around between several children or a group of crafters. These brushes might not look specifically color coded, but each kind and specific size is actually a different color, making it easy for you to find the right brush for each child when you’re in the middle of working and managing everyone.
View price on Amazon 9. Onson Artist Paint Brush Set of 15

Are you actually still thinking about the options we showed you that had both a case and a couple of extra tools to go along with your brushes, but you’re also the kind of person who really likes to keep what you’re using on hand and accessible while you’re painting, so you don’t have to waste time rummaging through your handles and trying to find the right thing? Then we’re convinced that Onson has just the kind of thing you’re looking for.

In this kit, which features 15 brushes made from light wood and high-grade nylon, you’ll also get a pallet knife and a smooth sponge, opening up your skills to new possibilities. Our favorite part, however, is the insert in the zipping canvas case! It has a crease in the middle that lets you pull the center upwards and prop the brushes up at an angle, so they stand up nice and visible.
View price on Amazon 10. WXJ13 Chalk and Wax Paint Brushes Set

Have you actually been dabbling in new kinds of paints and materials at the same time as you’ve been trying to make painting a more regular part of your daily or weekly routine? Well, if you’re planning on experimenting with chalk and wax paint, then we think you might get a lot of use out of this diversely sized kit available on WXJ13!

The first thing we noticed about this kit was that it includes gloves, which we think is a great idea when you’re working with different, heavier, and more permanent kinds of paint. The size range is also clearly notable as well; you’ll get three large and differently shaped wide brushes for broader strokes and 10 smaller and more detailed brushes ranging from flat to pointed, depending on the effect you’re aiming for.
View price on Amazon Conclusion
Do you know another painter, art lover, and DIY enthusiast who has been looking to invest in a new set of paintbrushes but who always loves to do as much research as possible before they make a purchase? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options and information to choose from!

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