Baby wipes are a staple in a baby’s kitty

If you are the mother of a 1-year-old baby, then you will need a minimum of 10 baby wipes a day. These baby wipes are used to clean your kid now and then. Be it after his/her meal, after every diaper change, or after every poop. 

In case you ever land up with a low quality baby wipe, then we are sure you know the struggle. Those wipes are quite thin and they will roll over easily making the job immensely difficult for you. Also, some baby wipes contain artificial chemicals that can cause severe allergies to the little one. 

Before buying a baby wipe for babies with sensitive skin, the following points must be taken into consideration – 
Packaging – Packaging is very important while choosing baby wipes. A peel-off pack works best even when you are traveling or you are stationed.  Ingredients – This is the most important part. Before buying any baby wipes, you must check the ingredient list. Go for a baby wipe, that has a maximum of natural ingredients to it. It is always advisable to go for water-based baby wipes for sensitive skin.  Thickness – Choose a medium-thick consistency of baby wipes. You won’t be able to do the job neatly with an extremely thin baby wipe. Expiry – Check the packaging thoroughly to know the expiry date and the maximum time when you can use the baby wipe. Baby wipes fall in the high-risk category and thus make sure that you check everything.  Additives – Always check the additives while zeroing on a baby wipe. Be it fragrance or color or anything else, an ingredient finalization is very much required.  Skin Type – You must buy a baby wipe that is in sync with your kid’s skin type. During the winters, go for a moisturizing baby wipe, whereas in summers you can buy hydrating and light baby wipes. 
Thus, here we are to help you with the top 5 best baby wipes tailor-made for sensitive skin babies. So the thing is if these are good for sensitive skin then obviously they are going to work on normal and other skin types. 
Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes (Price – Rs. 184 for 72 pieces) 
These alcohol, silicon, and lanolin-free baby wipes are ideal for sensitive skin. They are enriched with aloe vera and natural herbs so that the natural moisture of your baby’s skin could be retained. These baby wipes can be used for cleaning multiple areas of the body. It is also quite effective in restoring the PH balance of your body. 

Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes  (Price – Rs.299  for Pack 72 wipes)
Having 99% pure water content, this is a must-have baby wipe for sensitive skin.  These baby wipes are hypoallergenic and bio-degradable. They do not use plastic or petrochemicals fabrics. Instead, it is made with plant-based medical-grade fabric and water which is as good as using the cotton cloth as a wipe. thus make it gentle for the baby’s skin and the environment too. With no fragrance formula (unscented), they can easily be used to clean hands, mouth, face, and even body.

This one pack of 72 wipes is huge compared to other baby wipes as the individual wipes are 3X thicker. It has a very mild soothing fragrance and pH balanced as well. The lid lock packaging helps in keeping the moisture locked.


Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes (Price – Rs. 180 for 80 Sheets)
Widely recommended by dermats, these baby wipes have extracts of aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and many other such natural ingredients. These are untouched by hands and hygienically packed so that your baby’s skin is 100% soft and safe at the same time. The thickness of these baby wipes is ideal to perform multiple cleaning duties. 

Johnson’s Baby Wipes (Price – Rs. 395.60 for Pack of 2) 
The stick and chemical-free nature of these baby wipes make it a perfect pick for the sensitive skin. These baby wipes are superb in terms of moisturization because they are uniquely designed with soaked fibers so that you can enjoy the goodness of a thick water-based baby wipe. 

Mee Mee Baby Gentle Baby Wipes (Price – Rs. 200 for 72 pieces)
Made up of spun lace, non-woven fabric, and aloe vera, these baby wipes are a perfect choice for anyone. You will love the smooth and comfortable feel of these baby wipes. They are bound to make the cleaning job easy and keep your little star’s skin supple and hydrated at the same time. 

That was all about the top 5 baby wipes in the market. But do you know that baby wipes are used for multiple other purposes too? Let’s find out. 

Can we use Baby Wipes to Remove Makeup? 
Baby Wipes are ideal for removing makeup as well. These buttery soft baby wipes are enriched with all the cleansing ingredients and thus can be used to clean makeup traces. Since they are water-based they won’t feel heavy on your skin or cause any allergies too. 

If you want to remove heavy makeup, just pour some micellar water to the baby wipes and wipe your face off. Tadaaa! All your makeup comes off. But I would recommend double cleansing and reach out to this when you are very lazy or in a hurry.

Let me know in the comments down below if you are aware of any other uses of these baby wipes. I would love to hear from you. 

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