Do NOT Buy This Bundle Before Midnight If…

Today is your LAST CHANCE to grab yourself a copy of this year’s 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle I’ve been telling you about! If you ordered yours during the initial sale this spring, you’re all set, but today’s flash sale is the final chance for everyone else before it’s retired.

This year’s bundle inclues 104 hand-picked resources chosen for busy moms in mind at 98% off. It actually includes over $2000 of product and all the authors agree that for this brief sale it all can be offered for $29.97. If you’re ready to say YES and grab this steal before midnight tonight (Thursday) you can…

But maybe this bundle is something you DON’T need. It’s just not for you.  That could be because…

Your home is organized. You have a great routines. Your house is tidy and clutter-free. You don’t need any of the books or courses on that topic to inspire or motivate you!

Why would you need a collection of great ebooks and course to help you in the homemaking department? Your home runs perfectly so you just don’t need an extra hand! You definitely don’t want the fabulous Kendra “The Lazy Genius” Adachi’s great decluttering book, The Swap: The Lazy Genius Guide to Decluttering for Life! ($15 value)

You don’t need any inspiration in the kitchen. You never get to 5pm and think “what in the heck can we eat for dinner?” You don’t need courses or big printable packs to walk you through each step of meal planning to make things easier.

You are NOT in a makeup rut. Unlike Haley who hasn’t changed up her makeup look in 16 years, you don’t need Alison Lumbatis’s great and fun course. ($49 value–yes that IS significantly more than the cost of the entire bundle!)

You feel like your mothering could conquer the world. You never doubt yourself or need an encouraging word or a voice saying, “you’re not the only one who struggles with that!” My brand new ebook, Burning Bright, Not Burning Out: Notes from a Decade of Surviving Motherhoodwould not be the book for you because you don’t need inspiration and reflection on the refining fire journey of motherhood. It’s going PERFECT, thanks very much! 

You don’t want any of free bonuses like free children’s books, handmade soap, lip balm, mineral makeup, etc! You hate getting free stuff in the mail!

In addition to the 104 amazing resources in this bundle, you’ll also get bonuses which include:
FREE 3 month membership to Musik at Home, $48 value FREE 3 month Pro membership from List PlanIt, $30 Value**Current users can get a $30 sitewide credit and valued $10 eBook FREE 10 audio stories from Around the World Stories, $38 value FREE 1-month subscription from BookRoo, $24.95 value (U.S. shipping: $5, Canadian shipping: $16 CA)**FREE download of 3 minimalist Bookroo posters for existing customer FREE Printable Art Postcard Set PLUS $15 Credit to Hope Ink Shop & Two 8×10 Art Prints PLUS 2019-2020 Printable Calendar from Hope Ink, $95 Value FREE 2 month membership from Fitb2 Studios, $33.94 value**A $15 store credit for existing customers of the membership FREE 1 cocoa butter chapstick, 1 travel size relief salve , 1 bar of soap from Puroco, $22 value FREE Natural Eyeshadow Kit -or- $18 off anything in collection from Orglamix, $18 value FREE $15 Gift Card to TriLight Health, $15 value
You have your responsibility to your spouse and family totally balanced with pursuing your own passions. You also know just what book to grab when you need a little self-care. In that case, you absolutely don’t need to choose one of my ebooks like Making Big Life Changes or The Literary Medicine Cabinet as your special bonus from me (I’m offering any of my previous ebooks as an extra thank you for ordering through my affiliate link.)

You have observing the liturgical year down to a science in your home. You wouldn’t want to choose Feast! or More Feasts!, the books Daniel and I wrote with simple, real food recipes to help celebrate saints and seasons in the home as your extra bonus either. Your domestic church is already tuned in to the rhythm of the liturgical seasons!

And psst! Don’t forget to fill out this super quick google form after you order so I know which book you want!

You don’t need a great gift for anyone. (To gift a bundle to a mom you know, just email customer service –>
Let’s try something out. What if we added up the value just a handful of the bundle contents that I’ve been especially enjoying in the bundle  to see how much they would cost if ordered separately?
3 month membership to List Plan It ($30) 2 picture books from Bookroo ($25) Kendra Adachi’s The Lazy Genius Guide to Decluttering for Life ($15) Alison Lumbatis’s Bust Out of the Makeup Rut Course ($49) My newest ebook: Burning Bright, Not Burning Out ($7) My extra bonus for you, Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year ($8)
Just this tiny handful of what’s in the bundle would cost $134. And until midnight TONIGHT, you can get everything for $29.97! It’s truly my favorite deal on the internet.

So maybe the bundle isn’t for you, but if you think maybe it would make life a little easier, don’t forget to order TODAY before the sale ends. Every year I have disappointed readers email me saying they missed the sale. And that just makes me sad because it’s such a fun deal! It’s even backed by a 100% happiness guarantee, so you can make sure it’s right for you.
But don’t forget that the sale ends TONIGHT October 17th at midnight, so grab your copy of the bundle now because time is running short!
Disclosure: As a participating author, a percentage of sales made through my affiliate link to the bundle will benefit my family. Thank you so much for supporting Carrots!
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