Dudley Stephens Review + Comparison Style Guide (and 20% off Discount Code!)

Our normal Friday post (Weekend Update) has been moved to tomorrow so I can share a VERY exciting post with you guys!! You know I've been loving the Dudley Stephens fleeces for the past year and before the winter really hits (and everything is sold out), I wanted to round up and talk about all of their fleece styles. How they fit, what they look like, which one I like the best... AND I'm sharing a 20% off code tha is valid for TODAY ONLY! So lets get into it...

Park Slope: This was my first and favorite style from the bunch. It's just a classic and for a good reason! I would say this is my favorite of the bunch and have it in navy, natural blush, and white. I would say it's their most popular style and I think the easist to style and wear. It has the classic stand up turtleneck that I love for fall and winter, it hits right below the waist and has a roomier fit in the bodice.
If you're new to Dudley Stephens, I highly recommend this as your first buy!
Sizing: It runs TTS, and I'm wearing a size M

Cobble Hill: The Cobble Hill is what Dudley Stephens is known for and what I would call their hero fleece. It is similar to the Park Slope with the same standup turtleneck (that is seriously the best) but is much longer in the body and features a bell-shaped silhouette. It also has two wonderful side pockets along the hem that are larger than you would think (can easily hold a phone and keys).
I personally love to wear this with leggings to run out the door in. It's perfect for chilly mornings when I walk the dogs or days when you just want to be comfortable. I don't love it with jeans since it is so much longer and rubs against them -- but that is just my personal preference!
I'm 5'6, and it comes well below my butt, so there is no issue when wearing leggings. My hips are also the widest part of my body, and the M, like the above, fits great! The bell shape of the fleece really helps it not feel as tight but also not as boxy since it is longer.
Sizing: It runs TTS, and I'm wearing a size M

Brighton Boatneck: After the Park Slope style, this is my second favorite of the bunch. The wider neck style makes it really comfortable and easy to wear. I especially love it because it's easy to layer and style with other items! There are times when the turtleneck styles above will rub on my chin or transfer a lot of makeup, but this does neither of those things. 
It's very reminiscent of a Jackie-O neckline and has such a traditional feel about it. I love that it's so different than conventional sweaters since it has a small mock neck. It's also great for those (like my mom) who love fleeces like this but don't like turtlenecks! It's the exact same in terms of fit and style as the park slope but just with an open neckline!
Sizing: It runs TTS, and I'm wearing a size M

Brighton Boatneck in Terry Fleece: Along with expanding their fleece styles, Dudley Stephens is also expanding their fleece materials, and one that is not to be missed is the terry fleece! The regular fleece is what DS calls "vello fleece" and is the traditional fleece material that people typically associate with (but theirs is much softer). It's tightly woven, super warm and made from recycled yarn. 
The terry fleece is similar to a sweatshirt material on the inside and a towel like material on the outside so it's really the best of all worlds! I personally love it for all seasons since it's a much lighter material. I picked this one up specifically last spring to help me transition from cold to warm, and it was a dream. The vello fleece is hot and will keep you super warm, so if you're someone who gets hot easily -- the terry fleece is a better option for you!
Even better, almost all their styles come in a terry fleece option: the brighton boatneck, the cobble hill, highland high-low, park slope, and the carroll street top.
Sizing: It runs TTS, and I'm wearing a size M

Brighton Boatneck in Bubble Fleece: In case you didn't love the brighton boatneck style enough, they also have it in a bubble fleece! This is a super soft eyelash like material that is really comfortable and different. I love pairing it with different textures and styles because it just seems to go with everything.
I personally have found that this type of fleece has more give to it and stretches out more than the other two styles. It is much roomier than the traditional vello or terry fleece! It is still very warm but also in a strange way more breathable due to the material. In my YouTube video, you can see more of how it's able to be seen through when looked at closely. I personally love to layer this sweater!
This sweater (unlike the others) does shed a little when you first wear it. I have yet to wash it, but I'm interested in knowing if it happens after that, as well. If you fall in love with the bubble fleece, you can also check it out in their bijou cardigan style, as well!
Sizing: It runs TTS, and I'm wearing a size M. Out of all the styles, this one stretches out the most in the hem and sleeves (which I really like! It like molds to your body). 

Highland High Low: This is marketed as a great athleisure piece, and I agree! For the sake of the review, I wore it with jeans so the comparison would be similar throughout -- but I think it would be best worn with jeans. It has a similar boat neck style as the brighton fleece but without any kind of lip or mock neck around it.

As the name suggests, it's higher in the front and lower in the back -- but it is not nearly as low as the cobble hill! I would say its right in between both the park slope and cobble hill, in the front and back of the fleece. It also has a full front pocket like a great sweatshirt does!

I personally think this is my least favorite of the bunch (as of now), but I do want to try it out more going to and from the gym! I just think that where it hits on my frame isn't the most flattering of their styles. I'm not wearing the right pants with it, but I did think it was a bit tighter in the hips than I wanted!

Sizing: It runs TTS, and I'm wearing a size M.

Calyer Cowl Neck: I love the look of this as it's much more dressed up and formal (I think) and gives a very ~fancy~ lady vibe lol. I can totally see my sister wearing this all the time since her style is more formal than my own. I feel like this would be an excellent option for the office or events during the fall and winter when you need to look a little more dressed up.  At first, I did find the neckline hard to place on my own, but after a few wears, I got it down. Above, I wore it two different ways: one more taught and on my shoulders and the other a little looser above my shoulders. I do have to admit I love the way this style pictures and how I look in it. 
I wouldn't wear it with jeans because it is tight in the hips -- I think either a great skirt, skinny work pants or leggings would be a great pairing with this style! Out of all the fleeces, I would say this one does run the smallest. As you can see, it is very tight in the hips -- not too tight, but tight enough! It does come right at the bottom of my butt, which is great to wear with leggings. 
The calyer also has side pockets (similar to the cobble hill) and, unlike all the others above, has a 3/4 sleeve, which I think is a subtle difference! I think it would be too much with a full sleeve -- this makes it seem a lot more feminine and compliments the overall silhouette.  
Sizing: I would say it runs on the smaller side but I am still wearing an M, and this is the right size for me. If you are larger in the hips and want it roomier, I would suggest sizing up. 
And here comes the fun part!!! I reached out to the Dudley Stephens team and asked if they had any promos going on, and they (graciously) offered a 20% off code that is valid FOR ONE DAY ONLY!
So if you're one of the lucky ones reading this on October 18th, then use code: BASES20 for 20% off your entire order. The code is valid from 7am ET to 11:59pm ET, so get to shopping!!!
If you're here past the coupon code date, you can click here for $25 off your first order at Dudley Stephens! Dudley Stephens Sizing: I'm 5'6/150 and an M/6 in almost everything I wear. For all the items above, I took an M, and it was perfect. I truly believe all Dudley Stephens pieces run TTS and, if anything, size up to give you more room. The only item that was close to being "too small" would be the cowl neck, but even that was just fine! The largest part of my body is my hips, and I've had no issue! I'm usually a 28/8/L in pants. Same goes for my bust, I'd a 34DD and didn't think anything was too tight across my chest. For sure, stick with your normal size. They do not shrink when washed (they suggest not drying them -- but rather hang dry). On their FAQ page, they do mention that it's best to size up if you're over 5'9 and size down if you're under 5'2. They also share a size chart if you're curious about traditional size comparisons!
Dudley Stephens Rewards: DS also recently launched a rewards program that can help you save on future purchases! Just by signing up, you can get 100 in pineapple points (where every point = $1). You can also gain points by reading their blog, following on social and sharing your birthday (which in total can get you $250 points aka $25 off). If you're looking to give your support and also save a few bucks, this is a great option for you!! If you're here past the coupon code date, you can click here for $25 off your first order at Dudley Stephens! Dudley Stephens Q&A: Q: Which style is the most office-appropriate? A: I think the Calyer cowl neck and the Brighton boatneck are the most office-appropriate if your office leans more on the formal side. I worked in a super casual office, and I wore my Park Slope style all the time, and it was great!
Q: Are they really worth the price tag? A: If you can afford it, yes! Just like with anything I promote, if you have the money and you believe you'll wear it, yes, it is worth the price tag. I was debating over it for a long time and finally just pulled the trigger to see what it's all about, and I couldn't stop wearing it. I know a lot of girls who have them and swear by them. There is a reason they have such a strong and engaged following! It's also why they're never in stock -- they are that good!
To save some money, you can use the code "BASES20" for 20% off (today only), or you can sign up for their rewards program and save that way as well!
Q: How do they wash/hold up? What is the wash/care for the fleece? A: For wash, they suggest you wash inside out with like colors and hang to dry. On their FAQ page, they say to avoid bleach, washing with towels, ironing, dry cleaning, fabric softeners. They hold up really well in the wash, and (dare I say) get softer and more worn-in overtime!!
Q: Do they pill? Does it shed or attract lint? Is it static-y? A: They do not pill, and I've never had issues with static! In terms of lint/pet hair, they do pick up a normal amount over time (pictured below is my most worn + washed fleece). But it's nothing out of the ordinary for a fleece material. If you're worried about something like this, I would suggest getting a mid to light color like the natural blush or the camel color!

Q: Do they have any stretch? A: They stretch some overtime, but nothing very noticeable. I like that they keep their true shape and are more form-fitting than baggy. Out of all the styles I've tried, I think the bubble fleece boatneck stretches the most (in the sleeves and hemline/bodice).
Q: If I'm top heavy, will it make me look frumpy? What is the sizing like?  A: I don’t think it will, but you know your body best! I'm a 34DD, and you tell me if I look frumpy or not (as I think I have a larger chest). All the styles are more form-flattering than you would think for a fleece sweater. I do suggest scrolling through their Instagram as they feature a ton of women and their different bodies so you can see someone similar to you and how it looks on them!
Q: What piece and color do you think is the most versatile? A: In terms of versatility, I think it would be the Brighton boatneck -- just because the wider collar makes it great for layering and showing off a lower collar underneath (like this post!). For color, this is obviously very personal in terms of your preference, but I think the natural blush is a great color!
Q: Are they tight in the hips? A: Some styles are tighter than others like the Highland high-low and the Cayler cowl neck. The park slope and the Brighton boatneck hit just above/at the hips, so there is no issue, and the cobble hill has a bell shape to accommodate the tush!
Q: How warm is it? A: It's SO WARM! Like get ready. It's perfect for fall and winter. But if you run hot, I suggest checking out the terry fleece as it's a lighter fleece option.
Q: What does the material feel like? A: It's super soft and feels like a really nice fleece blanket that just hugs you all day long lol. 
Q: Do I need to size up if I want to layer? Or will it make me look frumpy? A: I've been able to layer just fine without sizing up. The sleeves will get tighter, but that's the case with all sweaters. I personally like to layer these fleeces with lighter material items or sleeveless tops (with fun collars, so they peek out). I don't know how it will look in terms of frump, but I suggest to always get your normal size because it would be how you'd wear it the most!
Q: Can you compare the two types of fleece options for me? A: Yes! I talked about it a little above under the Brighton styles but here is how they listed out all four(!) of their fleece styles: Classic Vello Fleece — Soft, tightly woven, and warm, this fabric is most like the “traditional” fabric people associate with fleece (but ours is extra cozy!).  Double-Layer Vello Fleece — Like the Classic, only doubled up for extra warmth and softness.  Terry Fleece — Think sweatshirt fabric (the most luxurious sweatshirt you can imagine), this versatile, four-season fabric has a hook-and-loop texture that’s almost towel-like. Absorbent and water-shedding like one, too.  Ribbed Fleece — Silky-soft and dimensionally textured, our ribbed fleece (launching in May 2019!) is lightweight and quick-drying for four-season versatility.
Q: Do the collars keep their shape? Can you roll them down? A: Yes, they do! They are great at holding their shape, and the only time I've seen a difference is with the terry fleece. It still stands tall without issue but can buckle in depending on how you're wearing it. For all styles, whenever you wear a jacket or vest, it can get ruffled, but that is normal for any turtleneck. And yes, you can roll down the cobble hill and park slope styles without any issue (I shared that in my YouTube video!)

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