Holiday season is a time of overindulgence

It is the time when marketers encourage us to abandon self-discipline, forget about guilt and give in to our gluttony and material wants and spend all that we can to celebrate the season of giving by buying, buying, buying! This of course results in garbage bins that are overflowing with trash, food waste, shiny gift wrappers, unwanted presents and a whole lotta plastic; which is why the Christmas holiday season is considered the most wasteful time of the year. 

So for this year, instead of adding to our global environmental problems by purchasing mainstream, mindless crap, how about putting time and effort into making thoughtful Christmas gifts for your loved ones this year? A gift you’ve made yourself will be very much appreciated by your friends and family.

Here are some DIY gift ideas to inspire your creative juices this Christmas:
DIY Christmas Gifts for Women
A list of DIY Christmas gifts you can give your mom, partner, nana, sister, sister-in-law, BFF or neighbour:
Flavored Salt
Now that people are becoming quite the gourmand, a gift that they can use in the kitchen to spice up whatever dish they’re whipping up would come in handy and an assortment of salts will just do the trick.

Get some recipes here.
Homemade Sugar Scrub Cubes
Skin care is something that absolutely every woman should indulge in for the reason of self-care and self-love rather than achieving some beauty standard. Making a simple but natural skin scrub that cleanses, exfoliates and softens the skin as a Christmas present is a very thoughtful gesture not to mention easy to make. That is why a jar of homemade sugar scrub cubes would make the perfect gift for a natural beauty lover.

Check out a great recipe here.
Stovetop Potpourri
Giving someone a homemade air freshener made of natural ingredients is a treat for the senses– and encourages them to avoid buying the disposable, synthetic spray kind! A stovetop potpourri will give their home the perfect blend of Christmas scents that will be just as divine as the season itself.

Check out this tutorial on how to make them here.
Peppermint Milk Bath
When you give someone a peppermint milk bath as a present it simply says you deserve to be pampered. That woman needs a break so let them enjoy a slow and easy morning being cradled by your homemade peppermint milk bath. 

This DIY gift idea only takes a few minutes to create and there are also lovely packaging designs included in the tutorial. Get the recipe here.
DIY Flavored Vodkas
Oh yeah! Did someone say Christmas party!? Cute bottles of infused booze don’t just make for a perfect holiday present but when chugged, will definitely amp up the party vibe. Clearly a gift for those of legal age and enjoy a drink!

Get the DIY recipe here.
DIY Christmas Gifts for Men
You can cross of your dad, partner, gramps, uncles, cousins or best buds off your list with these awesome DIY gift ideas for Christmas.
Denim Tool Roll (or Zero Waste Utensil Holder)
If you’re a nifty sewer, create a denim tool roll (instead of a tool belt) by using denim from an old, unwanted pair of jeans you have lying in your closet. This DIY present is too cool and will very much be appreciated. This can also be used to carry reusable utensils, makeup brushes and much more.

To make the denim tool roll, follow the tutorial here.

Now leather has a beautiful touch so if you know your recipient loves this material and you find sustainably-sourced or second-hand leather to work with, by all means work with this material instead.
Credit: Instructables.Homemade Shaving Cream
Soft and well-pampered skin isn’t just for the ladies. Men care about grooming too. So why not encourage the to go the eco-friendly route by gifting them with DIY shaving cream made from natural ingredients?

To make some for the fellas on your Christmas gift list, check out the recipe here.
Magic BBQ Rub
There will, without a doubt, be the grill master in the family or in your group of friends. This easy dry rub recipe is just what he/she needs to elevate his/her grilling techniques.

Get a great recipe here.
Beard Balm
Have a male in your life sporting a scruffy look or an uncle with facial hair that looks lived-in? If you they’re content with the look and aren’t planning to shave it all off, this homemade beard balm is just what they need if they really want to stick with that look.

Get the tutorial here.
Mini Bar in a Jar
This DIY gift idea is so genius, I might just create one for myself in case of emergencies. Not only will this put a smile on their faces but it will give your gift recipients a great idea for a party favor or souvenir on their next shindig.

Check out tutorial here.
Credit: The Shabby Creek Cottage.DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids
All the young ones will appreciate whatever you give them, whether it is handmade or second hand (and if they don’t, you either didn’t put enough thought into the kid receiving your gift or they are just plain spoilt lol!). Bottom line is, they weren’t forgotten and they got a gift that came straight from your heart.
Basket Backpack
A great basket is just what these kids need when you ask them to run your own errands – whether you need a loaf of bread and milk from the store or fresh fruits and veggies from the market, let them use this DIY basket knapsack that’s also just too cute for containing groceries.

View tutorial here.
Credit: Delia Creates.Chalkboard Town
Stimulate your kids’ imagination with this DIY chalkboard town. This can be given to either a little boy or a little girl where they can create their own neighborhood. That way you can find out whether your little one is a future architect or maybe even the city mayor!

Lean how to build it here.
Credit: Rogue Engineer.DIY Candy Dispenser
These candy monsters will love this little present you made for them. Plus this little tool can help the parents regulate their candy intake. I recommend filling with healthier candy options that you’ve either made yourself, or sourced from a health food store.

Find out how to make the candy dispenser here.
Wooden Crate Storage
This idea for a present is just too practical for any home with kids. This can either be used as a Hot Wheels display or parking garage for toy cars for boys or a storage for holding a little girl’s knick knacks.

Learn how to build it here. Or for a simpler version, check out the video below:
Photo Pillows
These cuddly DIY gifts are precious especially when you use the Xmas gift recipient’s picture or a photo of their favorite character. What’s great about this is that, these kids might actually want to sleep on time because of these night time buddies.

Learn how to create it here.
DIY Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers
The gift of food is the best kind of gift in my opinion! For starters, who doesn’t love eating delightful, yummy, tasty delights? And secondly, this produces the less waste because food is (usually) eaten and you can store/wrap it in jars and other stylish plastic-free containers.
Candied Popcorn Stars
These inviting nibblers look so impressive but very easy to make.

Check out tutorial here.
Advertisement Espresso-Flavored Sugar Cubes
This is a great Christmas present for the coffee addict. It’s easy to make and whoever you’re giving this to will thank you whenever they put a lump on their cup of coffee or a mug of rich cocoa and feel that buzz in the morning.

Get the recipe here.
Marinated Goat Cheese
Elevate your regular cheese with this simple idea and make it even fancier by placing it in a lovely glass jar.

Get recipe here. If your recipient is vegan, check out how to make vegan goat cheese here.
Pear Liqueur
This gift of boozy fruit-infused deliciousness is perfect for the season. One swig from this elixir will keep them warm on a chilly Christmas eve.

Grab the recipe here.
Whole Wheat Chocolate Pancake Mix
A healthy and tasty gift that they can whip up for breakfast the next day is the best gift anybody could ask for.

Get recipe here.

We hope these ideas inspire you to make your own Christmas presents to give to your friends and family. Let’s bring thoughtfulness and conscious giving back into the Christmas gift equation!

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