Kjaer Weis The Quadrant Eyeshadows Review

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Kjaer Weis is a luxe organic brand that combines New York and Scandinavian styles. All of her products are refillable, and the refills come in sustainable paper packaging. Lately, she has been releasing a lot of new products. I got excited to see eyeshadow palettes from her, so I ordered those, among her new liquid foundation and brow mascara. Today I’m swatching, reviewing and showing two looks I’ve done with the products. I hope this review is helpful!

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Kjaer Weis The Quadrant Eyeshadows
Refill: $36 or €36 for 5g. The refill is comparable with either Iconic Edition Case (€30) or Red Edition case (€8).
Comes in two colorways: Wanderer and Spellbound. Vegan!
Available: Jolie, Kjaer Weis

Whether you’re purchasing the quad directly from Kjaer Weis or a reseller, pay attention that you need either of the cases or a magnetic palette for storing. The Iconic Edition felt like too much money in my opinion, especially when I rarely use up a whole eyeshadow quad, so I chose the Red Edition case. Iconic Edition is the classic KW metal packaging, while Red Edition is light, textured cardboard with a magnetic closure. Red Edition doesn’t feel especially luxe but still looks cute for cardboard. It’s easy to carry and toss into a makeup bag, which I like. I only wish the closure would be tighter!

5g of product is on the smaller side, but decent for a small eyeshadow quad. What I didn’t expect was how tiny the quads are. You need a small, somewhat dense brush to pick up the product. To get in the corners you will need a pencil brush of sorts. With these colorways I don’t mind if the shades get a bit mixed, I do like the stripe design, but I would prefer larger pan sizes. There’s something about tiny pans that reminds me of kids’ makeup, you know? I do like the neutral and mostly matte color scheme, combined with a small pan and compact size, which makes these nice “companion palettes” for other eyeshadows. Once traveling is an opinion again, I can bring a more colorful single shadow or a shimmery quad to pair with these.

My biggest problem with both palettes is some inconsistencies with the shades. In both quads, one of the ”stripes” is significantly stiffer and harder to blend. It’s not the end of the world if you’ll be mixing the colors or doing soft, diffused looks, but I was expecting more for the price. I think Wanderer lacks contrast and the two middles shades are significantly harder pressed and difficult to pick up with a brush, but Spellbound performs pretty nicely if you disregard that the grey-black is quite sheer. There is already some hardpan on Wanderer, which is pretty annoying. The wear of these shadows is OK, on me they last at least 8h with an eyeshadow base. The pigmentation is light-sheer.

Eyeshadow look with Wanderer palette
Kjaer Weis The Quadrant Eyeshadow in Wanderer Swatches
Angelic - Light pink with a subtle sheen
Grace - Light khaki
Wisdom - Brown with a hint of mauve
Charmed - Light beige with orange undertones

Grace and Wisdom are very stiff and I have a hard time making them look different on the eyelids. Angelic has a hint of sheen and performs the best. I wish they had replicated this softer formula for the whole quad.
Kjaer Weis The Quadrant Eyeshadow in Spellbound Swatches
Cloud Nine - Light champagne with a sheen
Magnetic - Golden brown
Earthy Calm - Warm dark brown with a hint of golden specs (not visible on the eyes)
Divine - Sheer dark grey

My favorite out of the two quads! Not bad, but I think there’s still room for improvement when it comes to eco/green powder eyeshadow palettes.

Eyeshadow look with Wanderer palette
Final Thoughts
I would skip buying Wanderer again because of the lack of contrast and of performance with the middle shade(s). It’s not a very versatile quad and will show up only on light skin tones. I need to use a very stiff brush to get any good color payoff because of the hardpan that developed almost instantly. That being said, I really enjoy Spellbound! As I mentioned earlier, this will be a great companion quad or something I’ll reach for when I need a neutral look. The black-looking color is not intense at all, but personally, I do prefer dark grey over deep black. So Spellbound is a yes from me, Wanderer is sadly a no.
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