Lauras Master Bathroom Makeover (Before + After!)

Anyone thats ever renovated a house has that room that they desperately want to redo, but it gets put off for whatever reason (for what feels like a very long time.) When we moved into our house over four years ago, that room for me was our tiny dark master bathroom. Someone had redone the bathroom about four years before we moved in and well, lets just say I didnt love the choices they made. They chose dark colors for the tile and countertop options (making the room feel smaller) and dark brown tile to go inside a tiny enclosed shower. It always felt like you were taking a shower in a tiny cave and I couldnt believe how fast the shower tile would mold as soon as you cleaned it. Eventually, my husband and I gave up on the bathroom and used the guest room to shower in exclusively since it had a larger porcelain tub, and we didnt have to deal with the mold issues. Anyway, Ive had dreams of doing a full master bath makeover for years and our friends at Delta helped to make my dreams come true! Delta products are not only reliable when it comes to functioning in your space, but they have so many modern and beautiful designs to choose from that will compliment whatever design style you are going for! The transformation is truly amazing if you ask me
What a difference!! We had tried to make the bathroom feel a little nicer when we moved by adding a light color of paint and more modern sconces, but the dark tile and countertop really sucked up whatever light the small high window let in (and the shower walls blocked that light from the right side of the vanity completely). Now it feels super open and SO much brighterits pretty drastic in person and Im still getting used to how different it is!
To replace the brown floor tile, I chose a large white hexagon tile and it looks so good! I thought about doing a patterned tile, but I chose the white in case I want to do a painted wallpaper design in here someday, and that way we wont have competing patterns on the walls and floor. It for sure helps to bounce the light around the room as well, so theres an added bonus to the pretty white color.For the new vanity, I chose thisdouble vanity since I loved the modern look and it would also give us a double sink situation with twounder-mounted sinks instead of the older single sink option.For a sleek faucet look, we used twoDelta Chamberlain Bathroom Faucets, and the chrome looks beautiful against the pink and white that surround it. Todd has been using the guest bathroom for his sink, but now that we have two sinks with beautiful faucets hes going to move into this bathroom and finally claim a sink of his own! Soooo much nicer doing makeup in this bathroom with all the extra light now!To match the beautiful chrome faucets, I also chose a hand towel holder, towel bar, and toilet paper holder from the Delta Trinsic Collection. I love how simple (yet modern) the designs are and they complement both the mid-century and modern design elements in the space.

And speaking of mid-century elements, I chose thesetwo chrome globe lights to match all the other chrome options and continue that vintage feel that we have through the rest of our 60s ranch house as wellthey fit in perfectly!I still love having my hidden medicine cabinet DIY in the room and its where I store all the items like face wash, moisturizer, etc., that I use daily but dont want out on the counter. Its a super helpful way to get a little extra secret storage. This side of the room is an even bigger transformation! Like I said, those shower walls blocked most of the light from that small window from getting to the rest of the room, but now that we added thisglass shower, thats not a problem anymore!! Seeing all the way through those walls now makes the room feel at least 30-40% bigger and double the brightness, so Id say it was all worth the construction and demo we had to go through to get it done.We also chose to do a stacked large subway tile in the shower, and while I was a little nervous about the pattern, I love how it came out! The white helps the room feel the biggest that it can and it just looks clean and modern. I love that you can use the Delta 2-in-1 4-Spray Showerheadin multiple ways as a single rain shower head, a dual showerhead (with the handheld option on too), or as just a handheld. Ive always thought that handheld options in a shower look so luxurious and now I have my own! We also added a little shower niche in the shower so we can store shampoo, etc., there as well.
I loved when I added two shelves above the toilet last year for storage, so I kept that configuration as well. Besides the hidden medicine cabinet, its another great spot to keep out some things you use often and you can add some greenery to the space on the shelves as well.
Thats a pretty good motto if you ask me!I hope you can tell how delighted I am to have such an amazing bathroom transformation take place in our home! Bathroom renos can be some of the tougher ones as far as things being so messy, over budget, and take so much longer than you thought (all of which we experienced!). But now that its all done, it feels totally worth it and its a great way to add some value to the house while increasing our joy in using the bathroom on a daily basis too. Thanks for taking the tour with me to see a dream of mine come true! xo. Laura

Sources: Mirror/Target, Framed Print/Society 6, Shelves/CB2, Bathmat/Target

Credits//Author: Laura Gummerman. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photos edited withA Color Story Desktop.