Looking for a mirror that will give you a sensational feeling every time you go in front of it? Then you better buy the perfect mirror that will serve the purpose right.

If the mirror distorts the light reflection, then you won’t be a happy guy anymore. Therefore, you need to check out the product properly and shouldn’t fall only for the beautiful look of it.

Now, we’ve something to offer you. We are about to review some of the best bathroom mirrors that we found in the market. Why don’t you go through them and see if these are of help?
Best Bathroom Mirrors Reviews
Here are our bathroom mirror recommendations. Once you go through these, you will know exactly which mirror you want to buy.
1. Large Simple Rectangular Streamlined 1 Inch Beveled Wall Mirror
Hamilton Hills has been producing top-quality mirrors for some time now. We’ve seen a few outstanding products from them that made us choose this particular mirror we are about to unfold. Now, if you are into frameless mirrors, then you will undoubtedly love this beauty.

We are talking about beveled edges over here. If that’s not impressive enough, then consider the included wooden backing with that. You can guess how consistent and robust the mirror is going to be with these in place.

Moreover, there’s a silver-backed glass panel in place. Thus, you get the most velar and vibrant view. I was pretty impressed with the designers to think of something so extraordinary like this.

What’s more, they have used high-quality glass in the mirror’s fabrication. As a result, you have one of the most reliable products right in front of you. I always love these simple, yet gorgeous looking large-sized mirrors. They make your interior designs look classier and add to the decency of the room environment.

This mirror will go perfectly with a bathroom, bedroom, or vanity room for its generous size. Also, a great thing about it is that you can put it both horizontally and vertically. Depending on your design preference and space availability, you can make the orientation as you like.

Another worth mentioning feature is the flatness of the silver surface. It will reflect any incident light and won’t cause its deviation. Also, with this in place, you get the most prominent and transparent view.

Mounting this mirror is a breeze. You have three pre-installed hangers to do the job for you. It won’t require much effort.

Beveled edge provide consistency Silver backing offers a vibrant look Top-quality glass ensures durability Both vertical and horizontal installation
Some buyers complained about warping 2. Moen DN2692BN Glenshire 26-Inch x 22-Inch Frameless Pivoting Bathroom Tilting Mirror
No one likes to see any water spot on the edges of their mirror. And you can imagine the annoyance when these stubborn spots refuse to be removed without giving you a much harder time. Then you would have to clean the mirror for what appears to be hours!

Therefore, to avoid all these hassles, you need a spot resistant mirror to install it near a sink or anything that has to do with water. The company seems to address this issue pretty well.

If you’ve ever seen a gorgeous oval mirror, it has to be this one we are talking about. But, it has so much more to offer than just being beautiful. For instance, it comes with the spot resistance we just talked about.

With such an excellent finish that it comes with, cleaning the mirror and making those spots vanish will be a piece of cake. That’s why we recommend this product highly to be used in bathrooms. Also, installing this beauty will be completely hassle-free.

Now, let’s talk about the most interesting stuff about it. That is, it’s a tilting model. Yes, you heard me right. Tilt it as much as you like until you’ve found the angle you are looking for. That’s how much convenience it has to offer.

Also, in the process of introducing this remarkable feature, they haven’t made the installation that complicated. You won’t need anything other than that which the mirror comes with to mount it. A template along with the necessary hardware for its installation is going to be there.

What’s more, you won’t have to go through any guess working, thanks to the accuracy of the markings the template comes with. Now, it’s not as easy to remove the mirror as it is to install. So, you better choose its location right.

Pivoting hardware adjust the angle better Spot-resistant finish Tilting the surface is possible Gorgeous finishes
Difficult to remove from the wall after installation 3. Large Simple Round 1 Inch Beveled Circle Wall Mirror
The measurement of this mirror comes with is spot-on. It’s the size that will look the most perfect on your wall. Now, the mirror has a lot more to offer than this. We are talking about a unit with silver-backed glass. If you want to see an incredibly stylish mirror, then you need to check this one out.

They have made it especially to go with bathrooms. And they’ve done a great job, I must say. For, it looks so natural with your bathroom decor. I was amazed at the incredible edges it comes with. They couldn’t have made them any crisper and smoother. And the looks of them are on another level.

It’s always a delight to have frameless units for the bathrooms. For, they enhance the beauty of the interior design. Now, another feature that we must mention is the hard-core wood reinforcement it includes.

This way, you get the most durable mirror with zero distortion and warping, which are pretty familiar with low-quality mirrors. Another benefit offers you is the easy installation process.

That’s why we see the D-ring clips which the mirror features. Moreover, there are wall hardware screws in place to offer you the flexibility of installing the mirror both horizontally and vertically.

If you are worried about scratches on the mirror, then don’t be anymore. For, you have the safety tempered glass of this model to assure you of no such occurrence. The glass is associated with solid core wood to eliminate the worrying.

Silver-backed glass makes it pretty Solid core wood backing for preventing distortion D-ring clips for easy installation Incredibly smooth edges
There were few reports of warping 4. MCS 15.5×21.5 Inch Wall Mirror
We are pretty excited to review this particular product, for it has many remarkable features. Let me put this first; this one is for folks who love their stuff to be old school. Yeah, it’s classic. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful. It has a unique look that I loved the moment I saw it.

They have designed the mirror in a way so that it goes perfectly with the living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. For, it’s one of those stylish mirrors that you see in a fancy hotel room. What’s more, it’s sized perfectly; not oddly big and not too small.

The product comes with four different colors; bronze, black, grey, and white. You see, these colors usually go with any home decor. If it were me, I would’ve gone for the white one, since it will look stunning in any bathroom.

They have given the mirror a comfortable weight so that you don’t have to sweat during the installation. I was stunned to figure out that the frame is not made of wood since it looks so much like one. If it were wood, then you would have a heavier mirror.

I liked the plastic frame. For, I can hang it easily. What’s more, there are four attached D-rings in place that makes the installation a breeze. They allow you to install the mirror any way you like; horizontal or vertical.

The product comes with necessary hangers and hooks. If you have the nails and screws, you can hang it in no time. By the way, you have some drilling work to do, since we are talking about a relatively large model.

Very lightweight Hooks are included for easy installation Beautiful frame Looks stunning without lights
Moving it around isn’t easy 5. Large Framed Wall Mirror with Angled Beveled Mirror Frame
It’s another marvelous product from the brand that we are happy to review. This is one of the most popular units out there. People love it for the affordability it offers. They cannot hold themselves back from owning such a gorgeous mirror.

Yeah, the beveled mirror is outstandingly stylish. The company is known to go for simple designs all the time, and the consumers love it. The size of this model is just right to make your bathroom look more elegant.

It’s incredible how they have made the mirror so crystal clear. And the beveling it comes with is also flawless. What’s more, there’s a solid wooden core in place that offers you the durability of a lifetime.

What I found pretty cool with this product is that it looks fabulous both horizontally and vertically. So, you have flexibility in this aspect. And you have the hardware you need for both kinds of setup with the product.

With cheaper options, there’s always a fear of distortion or warping. But, that’s not the case with this remarkable unit. It will be as clear and smooth as you like for many years to come.

I found the installation to be pretty easy and neat. You won’t need to make much effort in that. Also, I’m impressed with the warranty that manufacturers are willing to offer. It assures me of the quality and longevity of the model.

So, you have outstanding craftsmanship, classy design, and much affordable price all in one mirror. There’s no reason for not choosing it. But still, make sure that you are okay with the huge size of it. For, with that size, it’s expected to be a bit heavy.

Simple beveled design, yet elegant Solid wooden core for extreme durability Both horizontal and vertical installation Affordable
Quite huge 6. Hamilton Hills Clean Large Modern Black Frame Wall Mirror
Looking for a contemporary wall mirror? Then you must check this one out. It’s from Hamilton hills. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that the mirror is produced by a brand that knows to do it right. The most striking thing about this mirror is that it’s surprisingly cheap.

Now, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. When you look at this mirror, this embeds in your mind even more firmly. Manufacturers have gone to the extreme of length to make sure that this mirror is perfectly made. When you look at its design, it shows their effort.

I was impressed with the look of it. You’ve got to say that it’s very stylish. I liked the frame in particular. These two inches wide feature makes the mirror as beautiful as it is. Also, you will find it to be highly durable.

Moreover, they have introduced wooden solid core backing in this model. Therefore, you have excellent protection for your mirror upfront. This type of support makes it very sturdy.

What I also liked about the product is that there are four D-rings included in this. With these in place, you have extra flexibility in choosing the installation. You can mount the mirror both horizontally and vertically. I also appreciated the incredible finish it comes with.

When it comes to mirror face, you have one of the smoothest and cleanest pieces of glass in front of you. Thus, you won’t have to worry about distortion. The mirror will reflect light cleanly. So, we recommend this product for its durability, look, and affordability.

Very affordable Stylish and durable frame D-rings for easy assembly Outstandingly clean mirror face
Difficult to install without studs 7. Small Frameless Beveled Oval Wall Mirror
Till now, we’ve been talking about large mirrors mostly. It’s time we introduced something a bit smaller. Yeah, you will have to appreciate the stunning look of the mirror we are about to review.

This company that produced it has come with a few mirrors. What they have done very impressively is that they’ve made their mirrors look beautiful. Now, our guy over here comes with an incredible beveling. It will look gorgeous inside any bathroom.

In terms of construction, they’ve left no room for any complaint from the buyers. It’s the ¼-inch glass we are talking about that is not known to mess around.

Now, if you love your things simple, yet elegant; then this mirror will be a great option for you. It will neither be too fancy nor to ordinary. They’ve designed it in a way to suit any home interior.

Another thing I want to mention is the silver backing it comes with. It comes as a premium-quality feature. With this in place, you can say goodbyes to corrosion. That’s why I would choose this mirror for my bathroom.

Moreover, they’ve included wood core backing with it. Thus, the mirror face becomes as sturdy as it should be. You won’t have to worry about any sloppy stuff, for this feature will make sure that there’s none.

Now, when it comes to installation, it might not be the one with the most comfortable process. The D-rings with this mirror can give you a bit of a hard time. You might find them to be uneven. But, once the mirror is on the wall, it will look pretty.

Beveled edge makes it look stunning Silver backing for corrosion resistance Wood core backing makes it sturdy Very durable glass
Installation isn’t easy 8. Hamilton Hills Contemporary Brushed Metal Wall Mirror
This mirror has quite a few cool features. The black frame seems to be the most outstanding of all. They have designed it to perfection. In any bathroom, this mirror will look fabulous. Also, the finish in this mirror is spot-on. And the edges looked pretty clean too.

What’s remarkable about this mirror is that it provides you with the easiest of installations. Yes, while the frame secures the glass, the D-rings help you to mount the mirror very quickly. However, some buyers would’ve liked an instruction to be included.

However, they have included screws and wall hardware with it. Thus, you can install it any way you like; horizontally or vertically. I also loved the way the mirror face is placed in the frame.

When it comes to the quality of the material, this company is very trusted to use the best of materials. That’s why it rules the mirror world. It doesn’t seem to back away from offering you a money return privilege if it’s needed.

This mirror comes with a heavy body. You won’t have to be annoyed by noticing any warping or distortion if you choose to go for this mirror.

When you look at this mirror, it seems like it’s floating inside the frame. That’s how smooth and crystal clear it is. It will also resist corrosion. That’s why it’s a great option for bathroom walls.

The mirror comes with a reasonable price. Even if it were a bit more costly, it would have been worth buying such a beautiful piece of work.

Beautiful black frame Immaculate edges D-rings for easy mounting Installed both vertically and horizontally
A bit heavy 9. The Better Bevel Frameless Rectangle Wall Mirror
It’s always nice to have a rectangular mirror for bathrooms. People usually love the shape more than the oval options. These mirrors provide a broader and fuller view. And that might be the reason for their more considerable popularity. Now, this rectangular mirror we are talking about doesn’t occupy much of space.

Having a small-sized mirror comes with some benefits. For instance, you won’t have to get bored from cleaning them. For, you can finish cleaning these mirrors in no time. Nevertheless, people with big bathrooms can go for those large mirrors as they give a vibe of magnificence.

Now, our guy measures only 20 by 30 inches. It will look pretty inside your bathroom while providing you with perfect light reflection. There are beveled edges introduced in this model. They make the mirror look more beautiful.

For providing flexibility with the installation, they’ve included hangers with it. Therefore, you can choose any of the vertical or horizontal installations. Moreover, the outstandingly clean mirror face will make sure that there’s no distortion.

Another great thing about this unit is that it features wall anchors to make the mounting process more manageable. And if you are worried about corrosion, then you shouldn’t be anymore. For, the silver backing is there that will prevent any such thing.

Now, as for its drawback, I wasn’t happy with the screws it provided. They seemed too small. If they were a bit bigger, the installation would’ve been more fun.

Frameless mirrors like this one are always elegant. If you want a mirror that will provide you with the cleanest of surfaces, you need to buy this one. Moreover, it’s always assuring to buy any USA made a product like this. And the mirror will certainly offer you great value.

Perfect size to fit in any space Hangers included for both horizontal and vertical mounting Distortion-free light reflection Corrosion-resistant
Too small hooks 10. HOMFA Bathroom Wall Mirror Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror Framed Mirror
This is a lovely mirror that we want you to check out. They’ve used top-class material in making it. We are talking about an MDF one that is known to be sturdy. Also, I loved the whiteness of this mirror. It seems so pure. They have done a great job with this white finish.

The most worth mentioning feature about this mirror is the shelf it comes with. It’s always great to be offered additional features like this. You can use this shelf to keep your soaps, cosmetics, and other stuff.

Apart from bathrooms, you can install this mirror in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The mirror plate that the product comes with is amazingly thick. This is also made of MDF board. Thus, you have a solid mirror over here that will last a long time.

With the product, you have all the hardware needed for mounting the mirror. If you want to assemble it over a table, you can go ahead with it. Moreover, you will get an instruction with the mirror to be able to mount it right.

It will look stylish and go with the furniture in your home perfectly. They’ve done a fabulous job by making it insect-proof. And the surface in this unit is incredibly clean and will remain so with proper maintenance. Speaking of which, it will be quite easy to maintain and clean it.

The wall cabinet that is included with the product is a good-quality one. And the bottom piece is so flat that you can place the mirror on a table without having to screw it to the wall. What’s more, it’s nicely affordable.

Beautiful white finish Shelf provides convenience Easy installation Strong MDF material used
Sometimes the installation is difficult Things to Consider Before Buying
You must choose the right mirror for the bathroom. Otherwise, you are going to ruin the bathroom’s interior design by going for an awkwardly looking mirror. Now, I’m sure that our best bathroom mirrors reviews have already pointed out the crucial features for you.

You see, there aren’t many things to keep in mind, but only a few. Let’s talk about them.


Don’t even think about those mirrors with wooden framing, if you have a modern-looking bathroom. For it won’t suit the interior at all. You have to understand the theme and choose a mirror accordingly. These wooden mirrors are for bathroom with vintage looks.

So, go for the metal units for bathrooms that are far from traditional. Also, pivot mirrors can be a good option in such cases.


No one likes a weirdly big mirror in the bathroom, do they? You need other stuff in your bathroom too, remember? There’s no point in choosing a mirror that will take up all the space inside. On the other hand, buying a small tool mirror will be of no good except a waste of money. 

Therefore, choose a mirror that will be just perfect in terms of size. If you have to take a measuring tape and work it out, do not be lazy about it. For, size matters a lot for the mirror to look beautiful. Make sure to include the frame while measuring the space, if you are looking for a framed unit.


The mirror has to serve the purpose that it’s made for. Being beautiful isn’t all it has to offer. If you don’t get the benefit you were looking for, then its stylish look won’t be of any good.

Make sure that there will be no distortion with the model you are going for. And look for a mirror that won’t require fancy cleaning. We’ve seen the ornate pieces gathering more dirt than others. That means cleaning them will be quite some task.


We are dealing with moisture and humidity over here. It’s only expected that the moisture will try to erode the mirror. Therefore, the materials used in making the mirrors should be able to prevent corrosion. If you like a wooden mirror, be certain that it will be more prone to rotting.

However, if you can find a treated model, then there’s nothing wrong in going for a wooden unit. Some metals also get corroded. Therefore, choose one that won’t become so easily.


Some people love to decorate the mirror with fancy lighting. This way, the mirror looks more beautiful. Just keep in mind that the light should be by the mirror’s theme.

If you can keep these factors in mind during buying, then the internet can easily be the best place to buy bathroom mirrors.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will it be worth buying a lighted mirror?

Ans: You have to admit that the light beautifies the mirror incredibly. So, it will be worth going for. Also, you will find some affordable options in the market with such a fascinating feature.

Q: Which one looks better; framed or the frameless mirror?

Ans: It depends on your taste. I love the frameless ones much. But, if a framed one comes beveled, I have no problem in buying it either.

Q: Which type of mirror should I go for; traditional or contemporary?

Ans: Nothing beats old school stuff. That said, contemporary mirrors these days are becoming more popular due to the extreme gorgeousness they come with.

Q: Which mirrors are cooler; large or small ones?

Ans: The small mirrors that we see in the market serve the purpose alright. However, the large mirrors will offer you the look you yearn to give your bathroom.

Q: What does a vanity mirror mean?

Ans: It refers to the mirrors with lights around them. Also, makeup mirrors that are mounted on walls or tables are known as vanity mirrors.
Final Words
I guess there’s no point in delaying the buying decision anymore. It’s time you earned some compliments through one of these best bathroom mirrors we just reviewed.

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