Looking for the perfect eyelashes?

Worry not since the vast size of the global cosmetic market lets you find the right tool for the job. With all the products within your grasp, all you need is the right skillset. From eyelash makeup to longer eyelashes, you can do it with enough practice.

Ready to learn some eyelash tips? Read on and find out more:
Condition Your Eyelashes
Before going to bed, be sure to prepare your eyelashes overnight. Use a clean wand to apply baby oil, Vaseline, moisturizer, or an eyelash conditioner with a special formula. It’s a great method of keeping your eyelashes in peak condition.

The best part is that doing this habit will help you the next day. It makes applying mascara easier.
Pick the Right Mascara
Each person’s eyelashes will have varying lengths, thicknesses, and shapes. It might make you hesitant of using products since they might not be right for you. However, mascara is available to help augment your eyebrows in various ways.

If you want to make your eyelashes longer, get a lengthening mascara. Use a wand with thick bristles to accomplish the job. For volume, get mascara with “thickening” or “volumizing” while using a wand with bristles.

Do you want curly lashes? If so, get a mascara formula that suits your desired eyelash effect. Your brush choice matters more since you must apply the mascara using a curved brush.

Use a thinner brush with fewer bristles if you’re aiming for a natural look. To make it last, use a waterproof mascara formula. Use it sparingly since it can ruin your lashes the more you use it.

The normal color for lashes is black. Most professional establishments accept this color and nothing else. However, another natural color to go for is brown.
Curl Your Lashes
Use an eyelash curler to accomplish this task. Lightly squeeze at your lashes’ base for about 10 seconds. After that, repeat the process at the midsection and tips for the same duration.

Heat your eyelash curler using a blow dryer for extra hold. Do this before putting the mascara on your lashes. Otherwise, the heat will break them.
Prime Your Lashes
With a primer, your mascara will stay longer. It also helps to condition dry lashes. It results in healthier and more moisturized eyelashes.

After priming your lashes, wait for at least 15 to 30 seconds before you apply mascara. Otherwise, the color will look diluted.
Using the Coat Wand and Removing Excess Product
Before removing the wand, swirl it in the tube. Remove excess product by doing scraping motions along the tube’s edge. Be as gentle as you can to avoid damaging your wand.

Never pump the wand. Otherwise, it will push air into the tube’s interior. It will prematurely dry out the mascara faster.

Clumpy mascara is frustrating to deal with. A good way to get rid of it is to heat it with a blow dryer before use. If you have no blow dryer, place the bottle in a cup of hot water.

Regardless, it makes the mascara thinner. It removes the clumps while making them easier to use.
Applying the Base Coat
Start at the roots. Wiggle the brush using a back-and-forth motion. After that, swipe outward while zigzagging over the rest of your lashes.

Apply more mascara at the base. At the same time, use a light coat at the tips of your eyelashes. It preserves the curl while preventing the lashes from becoming too heavy.

Use a business card or a spoon below your lower lashes when applying mascara. It helps avoid spotting. Do the same above your upper lashes.
Apply Additional Coats When Necessary
Continue adding mascara coats until you get your preferred volume. Wait for five to ten seconds between each coating. Otherwise, the mascara will be too wet.

To keep your mascara even, alternate the work between your left and right eye.
Replace Mascara Whenever Possible
Cosmetic products like mascara have a three-month shelf life. After that, it either dries out or becomes unusable. Even when it looks usable, throw it out after this period elapses.

Mascara as a material is a perfect environment for bacteria. The preservatives will only last for that duration. To maximize safety and quality, replace it after the appointed period.

The good news is that you can recycle mascara wands. It’s easy to repurpose them for other mascara application tasks. Before using, clean it thoroughly with makeup remover.
Experiment with Various Formulas
You need not hesitate when mixing and matching formulas. Sometimes, multiple wands are necessary to get the perfect look. Use layered specialized mascaras to achieve your desired effect.

Various formulas work together and bring the best out of your eyelashes. Use waterproof mascara over lengthening mascara to make your lashes look longer. At the same time, it prevents it from rubbing off on your eyelids.
Clean Smudges
Mascara is sometimes messy to use. It will smudge onto your eyelids as well as the skin around your eye. Even professional makeup artists make these mistakes from time to time.

It’s simple to fix as long as you invest in a gentle eye makeup remover. Look for products with powerful cleaning capabilities. Ensure that it’s safe enough to avoid damaging your eyes or skin.

You can use a cotton swab in case you have no specialized eye makeup remover. Dip it with a facial moisturizer. Press the swab onto the smudge to get rid of it.

However, it’s always better to get these supplies, especially when you’re putting mascara on regularly. You can also go for lash extension supplies to avoid eyelash fatigue.
Get the Perfect Eyelashes Now!
These are some best practices to achieve the perfect eyelashes. Make them into a habit and you’ll improve your skills over time. Never hesitate and ask for help whenever possible.

Looking for more beauty tips and tricks? Read the rest of our blog to learn more valuable information.

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