My 11 Best Gift Ideas For Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

Christmas Gift Guide

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! Since the holiday shopping season is now officially underway, I wanted to offer up some gift-giving inspiration in todays post! :-)

Theres an incredible sale going on right now in my online shop, and you still have one day left to save big on gifts for everyone on your list! So I decided to put together the very first By Jillee Shop Gift Guide with brilliant gift ideas for a variety of personality types on your list!

Christmas Gift Guide

Whether youre shopping for a friendly neighbor, a college kid, or a new parent, youll find thoughtful and practical gift ideas for them in todays gift guide. At this rate, youll finish your holiday shopping with weeks to spare, and under budget too! :-)

Curious About Our Gift Wrap?

  • We used a variety of boxes, bags, ribbon, and other items to package the gifts featured in the photos in this gift guide. Check out the full list of gift wrap products we used by visiting this link!

The 2019 By Jillee Shop Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

For The Habitual Hand Sanitizer User

Jillees Pick: Immunity Kit

We all have that friend or family member who keeps a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer on their person at all times. They are downright determined to avoid getting sick, so why not give them a gift that supports their goal?

Christmas Gift Guide

The Immunity Kit is perfect for germaphobes, parents of young kids, and that coworker who is paranoid about getting sick before an upcoming cruise. The kit includes Defend Essential Oil Blend, a diffuser, and the Defend Blend Roll-On to help keep germs at bay wherever they go!

Christmas Gift Guide

For The Homebody

Jillees Pick: Diffuser Essentials Kit

Looking for a gift for someone who prefers a quiet night in over a wild night out? The Diffuser Essentials Kit is the perfect choice!

Christmas Gift Guide

In addition to a diffuser of your choosing, this kit also includes two diffuser-ready essential oil blends, purifying Defend and relaxing Slumber. Gift this kit to your favorite homebody to enhance their favorite activity: enjoying the great indoors! :-)

Christmas Gift Guide

For The Sleep-Deprived

Jillees Pick: Good Night Sleep Kit

Getting enough sleep is so important for our overall health, but many of us dont get enough of it. If you have a night owl, insomniac, or new parent on your list this year, give them the gift of a good nights sleep!

Christmas Gift Guide

The Good Night Sleep Kit features a bottle of Slumber Essential Oil Blend to help your recipient unwind and relax before bed. It also includes a diffuser of your choice and a glass roller bottle, so they have the option to diffuse Slumber or apply it topically!

Christmas Gift Guide

For The Beauty Guru

Jillees Pick: Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloths

Theres no better gift for someone who loves makeup and skincare products than a set of Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloths. Not only are they less wasteful than disposable wipes, theyre a lot cheaper in the long run too!

Simply add a bit of water or micellar water to these super soft and fluffy cloths to swipe away even the most stubborn eye and face makeup. You can wash and reuse them again and again!

Christmas Gift Guide

For The Person Who Makes Their Own Cleaning Solutions

Jillees Pick: Cleaning Kit and/or Spray Bottle Labels

Looking for the perfect gift for someone whos always trying out a new DIY cleaning solution? Then it sounds like you have a Jillee on your list! ;-)

As a Jillee myself, I can confidently recommend the Cleaning Kit as the perfect gift for your industrious friend. This kit features invaluable cleaning tools like Simple Clean Essential Oil Blend, a nice amber glass spray bottle, and a stack of microfiber cleaning cloths.

Christmas Gift Guide

And speaking of glass spray bottles, the brand new spray bottle labels in my shop would be another great gift for any Jillee-esque DIYer! Available in sets of laundry recipes and cleaning recipes, these self-adhesive labels pair perfectly with amber glass spray bottles.

Christmas Gift Guide

For Busy Moms

Jillees Pick: Roll-On Kit

Whether theyre running to the grocery store or dropping the kids off at practice, busy moms are always on the go! For the busy moms on your list, the Roll-On Kit makes a perfectly practical and thoughtful gift.

This kit includes all three Essentials by Jillee Roll-Ons: Defend, Restore, and Complete Relief. Whether Mom needs to keep germs at bay, soothe sore muscles, or banish a pesky headache, she can do it all on the go with this kit!

Christmas Gift Guide

For The Stress Case

Jillees Pick: Complete Relief Essential Oil Blend

Some of our friends and family members are a little high-strung, and it seems like theyre always stressed about something! And while we love them just the way they are, we also want to help them manage that stress.

Christmas Gift Guide

Thats why I suggest giving the gift of Complete Relief! This essential oil blend works wonders against headaches and tension, and the recipient is sure to appreciate it!!

Christmas Gift Guide

For The Long-Distance Commuter

Jillees Pick: Car Diffuser

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time in the car needs two things: a large collection of podcasts or audiobooks, and a car diffuser! Give one to your favorite long-distance commuter along with a bottle of peppermint essential oil. The peppermint oil will both freshen the air in the car and help keep the driver alert!

Christmas Gift Guide

For The Young At Heart

Jillees Pick: Anti-Aging Kit

Whipping up your own natural skincare products isnt just a great way to save money, its also a lot of fun! The mature women in your life are sure to appreciate the Anti-Aging Kit, because its packed with all sorts of goodies she can use to keep her skin healthy and looking gorgeous.

Christmas Gift Guide

For The College Kid

Jillees Pick: Honeycomb Pluggable Diffuser

In my experience, dorm rooms and first apartments arent exactly known for smelling fresh and clean. The young adults on your list who have recently flown the coop will surely appreciate a Honeycomb Pluggable Diffuser!

Christmas Gift Guide

This cute little diffuser plugs right into an outlet. As it heats up, the aroma of the essential oils are released into the surrounding area. Pair this diffuser with a single oil or oil blend to give your college kid a simple way to freshen the air!

Christmas Gift Guide

For Friends, Neighbors, & Coworkers

Jillees Pick: Single Essential Oils

A holiday gift is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. But coming up with a gift theyll actually use can be tough, and sticking to your budget can be even tougher!

For a thoughtful and practical gift that wont break the bank, give a bottle of your favorite single essential oil! Pack it up with a note describing a few ways to use it, then youre done!