Sex Doll Brothels Are A Thing and Business is Booming!

Sex Dolls are Nothing New.

They have been around forever, with some costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Now you can hire them by the hour!

The sex industry isnt booming, it is EXPLODING. It isnt an industry that is just hidden behind closed doors anymore and sniggered about behind toilet blocks. People talk about it and with the anonymity of the internet we are buying kinky shit at a huge rate. On top of that, the sex industry is the only industry where women make more money than men do! #winning

But could female escorts and sex workers soon be out of business and replaced by plastic dolls?

Sex Doll Brothels are now a thing and they are popping up all over the world. You can book a sex doll in a quiet room and do what you wish to it.

Meet Fanny, the Most Popular Prostitute in Austria

Fanny is the top selling sex worker at an Austrian brothel called Kontakthof in Vienne. The thing is, Fanny is a Japanese synthetic sex doll. You can rent out Fanny for as little as AU $129 per hour (she actually commands more money than some of the real escorts who work at the brothel). She is so popular the brothel is bringing in a second sex doll to meet the demand for silicone love!

To hire Fanny, get in line because she is often booked out for weeks in advance. You would need to make a reservation with Fanny, and pay a deposit, in case of damage.

After Fanny has been soiled, she is professionally cleaned and disinfected for the next customer.

If you wanted to buy a sex doll like Fanny, it will set you back a huge $2300!

Fanny the sex doll

This is Fanny!

What Does Sex With a Doll at a Brothel Include?

When booking a sex doll, you can request the type of outfit she will be wearing (it is usually lingerie but for an additional cost she can be dressed up exactly how you like!). You can also request what position you would like the doll set up in when she greets you inside the room. Then, provided you dont put additional holes in her, you can do whatever you like within the timeframe you have paid for!

Ummm, Quick Question, How are Sex Dolls Cleaned?

Although most sex brothels dont exactly disclose how their dolls are cleaned after use, according to a sex brothel employee, each doll is showered and washed with warm soap and water. Then the orifices (vagina, anus and mouth) are blasted with a pressure cleaner filled with a disinfectant. Then an ultra-violet light is shone over the doll to ensure all body fluids are effectively removed. Apparently it takes an hour to effectively clean a sex doll then have her re-dressed, have her hair done and any makeup touches before she is ready for the next customer.

It is unknown if men are required to wear a condom with the dolls.

I dont think I want to know more than that..

So Who Books a Sex Doll?

Ladies we all know we indulge in a bit of silicone self-love. so who are we to judge the fellas that want to do the same? It is a sad stereotype that people presume that men want to have sex with a thing instead of real woman because of socially anxiousness, fear of rejection or they are into serious kinky shit that a may involve violence (or are just rapey). But that doesnt seem to be the case.

Sex Tech Expert Jenna Owsianik says that some people are just turned on by dolls or robots and want to explore that side of their sexuality. Others are in relationships where their partner are ill or for some reason are no longer having sex with them. These men dont want to cheat on their partners so are turning to these dolls as an alternative to sex with a real woman.

But there are silicone male dolls available too just not yet in brothels (its a supply and demand thing). But I know this will change in the next few years as the brothels build up public acceptability.

But What About the Children!

Because sex dolls are an outlet for some customers who may want to experiment with non-consensual sex or physical violence but dont want to actually hurt someone, there is an uproar about sex doll brothels. Others say that the doll is Unable to give consent. Jesus people it is a doll! I am certainly not going to ask my vibrator for permission before I start it buzzing. And when it comes to violence, personally I think it is better that a doll is hit than a person.

Personally, I think sex doll brothels are a great idea for people with violent tendencies, better they do it to a doll than a real person.

A proposed sex doll brothel in Houston, Texas was blocked by the City as Citizens could not engage in sexual activities with any inanimate object at a business.

Sex Doll Brothels arent likely to be mainstream for many years yet. And I dont think a doll can ever replace a sex worker who not only provides sexual services, but also compassion and conversation. Yes it is weird, but isnt everything until you get used to the idea?

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