Special Occasion Beauty Tips for the Holidays

Have you ever wondered about fashion and beauty special occasion beauty tips? Everyone wants to look their best during the holidays and other special occasions. But, what types of dos and donts are there to help you achieve this?

Special Occasion Beauty Tips for the Holidays from Leslie Tyler

Special Occasion Beauty Tips

These special occasion beauty tips will help you look your best at your next event. Theyll cover the basic dos and donts for fashion and beauty. Special occasion beauty tips arent all about how to do your makeup. Your goal should be healthy, glowing skin that looks natural.

Whats a special occasion?

A special occasion could be a wedding, a Christmas party, a holiday, graduation, or an evening out. It all depends on how important the occasion is to you. Basically, its an occasion you want to look a bit more than your very best.

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Blemish free skin tips

Dont change your skincare products during a couple of weeks leading up to the event. You never know how your skin will react. You dont want to break out or have red, blotchy skin due to a reaction.

Dont get a facial right before the event. Give at least one week of time between a facial and a big event. The more problematic your skin, the more time you need between your facial and your party. These special occasion beauty tips wont help as much if your skin is having a bad day.

And, remember Moisturize! Moisturize! And, moisturize! Check out this simple beauty skincare routine.

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Special occasion makeup tips

Dont allow your lashes to look clumpy. Its distracting. Brush your lashes (with a lash brush) after each application. Avoid too much body glitter & glow. It can make you look sweaty. You might want to learn how to get a cats eye look. It really helps your eyes pop and stand out better.

Do keep your brows neat. Plucking your eyebrows is a task that takes time to master. A trip to a professional for a good wax & pluck is well worth the time and money spent. If you dont feel confident trying any of these special occasion beauty tips, see a professional.

Easy how to tips for taming frizzy hair

Special occasion tips for your hair

Dont let your hair take away the attention from you! Avoid updos if they are not done by a pro or practice, practice, practice if you are doing it yourself. You might want to consider sleeping with a silk cap to protect your hair. Or, check out these blowout tips for a more casual hairstyle.

Or, these rose quartz hair accessories are stunning. You could easily incorporate them into a fancy holiday hairstyle. After all, these special occasion beauty tips are about looking more gorgeous than you already do.

Modern vintage dresses for spring

The perfect special occasion dress

Of course, you want to stand out and look stunning in your special occasion dress. But, do choose a hue that you are comfortable with. Bright colored gowns and dresses stand out but if you are not used to wearing them, dont! Remember, if you are going sleeveless toned arms say Im hot! Do some extra arm exercises at least 30 days leading up to the event.

Of course, choosing the correct dress is important too. You might want to learn how to choose a dress that hides a tummy bulge. Or, you could look into buying shapewear. I never go to a special occasion without wearing shapewear. It helps smooth your figure so you look much better in a dress.

Special Occasion Beauty Tips for the Holidays from Leslie Tyler #beautytips #Christmasbeauty #fashiontips

Check out these gorgeous holiday dresses. Every special occasion is a reason to buy a new dress. You wont want to be seen wearing the same dress to more than one party or event. Velvet is a classic choice when it comes to holiday dresses. And, of course anything black will always be a good choice. After all, the little black dress is always in style.

Thank you to Leslie Tyler for providing these special occasion beauty tips. These tips were originally shared in 2010. I wanted to update them and reshare in case anyone missed them. Leslie Tyler is a TV Personality, Lifestyle Expert & Founder of Leslie Tyler Cosmetics.

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