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EXTRA40 = Additional 40% off Bonobos FINAL Sale Items
First, can we address the amount of patterns going on in the Bonobos image shown up top here? That is a LOT of pattern. Like, I get it, they’re a fashionable company, so they want to flex a bit, but… my goodness. That’s a lot of patterns with a lot of lines going every which way all at once. Friggin’ laser field man. It’s starting to look a little like Countdown with Keith Olbermann circa 2008 (Striped suit! Striped shirt! Striped tie! WORST PERSON IN THE WORRRRRRRRLLLLLLD) 

Anyway, for most of us, one, maybe TWO pieces with that kind of pattern, max, would make for an interesting outfit. Anymore than that and it gets loud. Real loud. “This one goes to eleven” loud.

Anywhodiddly neighboreeno, Bonobos is knocking an extra 40% off their sale section with the code EXTRA40. Code expires Monday. All final sale stuff though, so, off we go with some picks.

Made in the USA Italian Brushed 5 Pocket Pant – $58.80 FINAL ($148)

Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant in Sterling – $58.80 FINAL ($148) Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant in Cascade – $58.80 FINAL ($148) Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant in Cobalt – $58.80 FINAL ($148) Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant in Martini – $70.80 FINAL ($148) Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant in Onyx – $58.80 FINAL ($148)
If memory serves, this is the first time these have ended up in the sale section? So the sale price plus an extra 40% off is extra tempting. Super soft, brushed Italian fabric. Cut and sewn in America. Not all colors are on sale.

Stretch Lightweight Chinos – $34.80 FINAL ($78)

Probably as low as these things are gonna go. I like these chinos for year round use, but I also don’t like thicker pants. Just not my thing. Good amount of sizes and colors and fits left at post time. 62% Cotton | 24% Polyester | 12% Rayon | 2% Spandex blend. Shown above is the “Tahoe Blue” color in a 34×30 athletic fit on 5’10” / 200lbs.

Italian Stretch Wool Dress Pants – $76.80 FINAL ($198)

Navy Windowpane – $76.80 FINAL ($98) Light Blue – $76.80 FINAL ($98) Navy Dot – $76.80 FINAL ($98) Dark Navy Stripe – $76.80 FINAL ($98) 
Spendy even with the heavy discounting, but… they’re even less this time around than they were during the last big extra % off final sale. That and these are wool. 97% Wool / 2% Polyester / 1% Elastane. More than a few colors to pick from, but not every color is on sale.

Jetsetter Stretch Italian Wool Blazer in Tai Brown Plaid – $240 FINAL ($500)

From last year’s fall collection. Still has 36R, 38R, 40R, and 42R available. Still would look perfect for this fall. 100% Italian wool. Just butterfly lined in the back.

Fatigue Pants – $34.80 FINAL ($98)

I can see why a lot of guys wouldn’t give these a shot. I can also see why, now at $35, they could be perfect do-anything do-everything fall and winter pants.

Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer in Blue Plaid – $174 FINAL ($450)

A good amount of sizes/fits left at post time. Pattern without getting crazy, as long as you keep the rest of your outfit pretty quiet. Should work just fine with solid trousers or jeans. 97% wool and 3% stretch. Totally unlined back.

Washed Button Down Shirts – $34.80 FINAL ($88)

Shirts. The shirtiest shirts to ever shirt. None more shirt. Sizes and fits are scattered depending on what color and cut you’re after. Shirt on my shirt wearers!

T-Shirt Button Up Shirts – $34.80 FINAL ($88)

Innnnnnnteresting. So they’re button up shirts, but instead of woven like a normal button up, these are knit from t-shirt fabric. That darker ginko leaf pattern is tempting too… if I wasn’t such an old fuddy duddy and scared of bold patterns. But you could probably pull it off (unless you are, in fact, an old fuddy duddy who is also scared of bold patterns).

Daily Grind Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts – $40.80 FINAL ($98)

Blue Paisley Loops – $40.80 FINAL ($98)  White Tossed Blue Ring – $40.80 FINAL ($98)  White Wild Blue Butterflies – $40.80 FINAL ($98) 
See now THESE I could see a fuddy duddy like myself wearing. Why? Not as high contrast.

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer – $216 FINAL ($450)

Starting to reach Cole Haan turf pro levels of mention-saturation so, it might actually benefit the business for me to just BUY this darn thing so I stop mentioning it every time I see it. But I need another sportcoat like I need a cat to pee in my shoes. Which already happened this week. That was fun.

Wool Linen Polo Sweater – $40.80 ($88)

Interesting fabric blend here: 55% Acrylic | 25% Wool | 20% Linen. So, they might call it wool/linen, but the thing is mainly acrylic. Shouldn’t be too big of an issue for most of us, but, just know that going in. Also? Handwash only. Which isn’t a huge surprise.

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit in Campbell Dark Navy Plaid – $288 FINAL ($600)

This isn’t the first, second, or third suit you should buy. But after that? Fair game. Especially when it’s on sale like this. Decent amount of sizes left at post time too. Pants come unhemmed, so this’ll require a trip to the tailor.

Superfine Short Sleeve Henley – $22.80 FINAL ($58)

100% superfine pima cotton. Simple for sure, but something that should look and feel and wear nicer than some crummy cheap short sleeve bargain henley.

Lightweight Travel Jeans – $40.80 FINAL ($88)

The famous Bonobos travel jean in a lightened-up weight. 98% cotton, 2% elastane. 5-pocket style. Four colors to pick from.

Unconstructed Italian Wool/Cotton/ Linen Blazer in Blue Windowpane Plaid – $216 FINAL ($450)

Still kicking around and very much on sale. 59% Wool | 33% Cotton | 8% Linen fabric makeup. I repeat, LASER FIELDS.

Tech Chinos – $54.60 FINAL ($138)

59% Cotton, 36% Polyamide, 5% Elastane. Haven’t tried these in person, but I’m interested. Perhaps a Bonobos competitor to the BR Core Temp? Maybe? I know we’re late in the game for “tech” pants, seasonally, but a lot of us wear our core-temps year round. Just the “blue grey” and “grey sky” colors shown above, which, are quite similar.

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer in Jackson Blue Red Plaid – $216 FINAL or Val Purple Plaid – $240 FINAL ($450)

Very nice Italian wool and softer construction even though both of these are fully lined in the back. Would you purple plaid? I think I would purple plaid. Liking those darker, more saturated looks lately. But maybe I’ve been watching too much Ray Donovan. And yes, I know Ray isn’t the most “stylish” person. His look isn’t super contemporary. It can look a little… “I’m here to break your knees.” But that’s the character, so, kudos to the costume department.

Capstone Italian Wool Blazer – $270 FINAL ($600)

In case you want to look like a walking Van Halen greatest hits collection.

The extra 40% off Bonobos Sale items code EXTRA40 ends Monday, 10/21.
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