SUQQU Garden After Rain Pre-Summer Collection 2021 Review

*Featured products gifted by SUQQU. Thoughts my own!

SUQQU’s new Pre-Summer Collection (I think it’s UK exclusive) takes its inspiration from a ‘Garde After Rain’, upon the brink of the season: blooming spring flowers with vivid colors, contrasting with the raindrops on the petals. I was kindly sent a couple of items from this collection by SUQQU UK. The collection consists of 2 Signature Color Eyeshadows, 2 Pure Color Blushes and 2 Vibrant Rich Lipsticks: today I have 1 from each category to show you. I have used each item only a few times, but I’m happy to share some initial thoughts and swatches in case you’re interested in picking up something!

Available from 22nd April at Selfridges and from 6th May at Harrods & Liberty.

Above: look with all 3 new items!
Signature Color Eyes 102 AYASHIZUKU
£48.00 for 6.2g or 0.21oz. Made in Japan.

Ayashizuku is a stunning combination of pink and rich red tones, paired with a cool silvery gold shimmer. This is my first time trying Signature Color Eyes formula, and I’m in awe. SUQQU recently reformulated their eyeshadows: Designing Color Eyes palettes were discontinued and replaced with Signature Color Eyes. I’ve hesitated to pick up any of the new quads as the color schemes didn’t speak to me, they all looked like something I already own from SUQQU. Garden After Rain sparked my interest and I was delighted to receive this palette to try, test and review.

I’m very pleased with the colors and formula. I’m happy to report the marbleized topper shade is not an overspray, but actually small balls of different color shadows pressed together. Stunning and it’s not a pressed glitter! The shades apply and blend effortlessly, I don’t need several layers to build up the color. I think these shades are very unique to SUQQU and also to my eyeshadow wardrobe. I love the richness of the red shades and how the pink has a beautiful golden sheen. The swatches don’t do justice!

The eyeshadow formula is very finessed and sophisticated, judging by this one quad, I think SUQQU has nailed their formula. The texture of these shadows is smooth and light, the powder doesn’t feel “heavy” if that makes sense. I think the pigmentation is very good; medium, buildable, very nice color pay-off without being hard to blend. The shades don’t feel hard-pressed, but there’s little to no powder kickback. I’ve experienced no fallout while using this new quad. Compared to Designing Color Eyes, I would say the new shades are more pigmented while preserving a similar light feel, easier to blend, and more complex in color. I’m in love! My look wore +8h and a nap with no creasing or fading (I did wear an eye primer).

The packaging is very luxe, outside cardboard is matte black and very traditional for SUQQU. The old pressing button closure has been replaced by a magnetic closure, and the quad feels nicely sturdy without being overly heavy. I think I may do a more comprehensive side-by-side comparison of the palette styles, once I’ve tried more Signature Color Eyes.
Signature Color Eyes 102 AYASHIZUKU Swatches
Petal pink with golden sheen - almost duochrome.

Multicolored topper shade with no base color: silver, copper and blue

Rich deep red with blue-pink undertones

Brown burgundy with satin finish
Pure Color Blush 126 YURIBENI
£34.00 for 7.5g or 0.26 oz. Made in Japan

I’ve mentioned Pure Color Blushes many, many times on the blog, and I don’t think there are many changes in the formula. They’re beautiful gradient blushes with excellent quality, longevity and buildable color payoff. You can get an intense flush with Pure Color Blushes, but when you pick up some product with a brush they don’t initially pack a lot of puch. I like this a lot, so I can gradually apply more without the fear of having clown cheeks. The ‘highlighter’ side is not really intended to be a separate highlighter, but more like a topper for the highest points of the cheeks, or blending the color to the cheeks smoothly.

Could be the pink side is a bit more hard-pressed than usual. I like the petal pink combined with peachy light shimmery/sheen shade, but I feel like we’ve seen this blush a few times from SUQQU. It’s cute, I like it and will keep using it, but if you already have a significant collection of blushes it’s not a must-have in my opinion. If you haven’t tried Pure Color Blushes and pinks speak to you, it’s a lovely blusher.
Pure Color Blush 126 YURIBENI swatches Vibrant Rich Lipstick 112 NATSUFUYOU
£30 for 3.7g

Vibrant Rich Lipsticks are my favorite lipstick formula from SUQQU to date. They’re not completely matte, I’d describe the finish as a satin-matte: they give you the matte lips look without looking or feeling drying on the lips. While I love the shades of some older SUQQU lipsticks, I always felt the finish was too slippery and sliding for my taste. With Vibrant Rich Lipsticks, I haven’t felt the necessity to use a lip liner to get a sharp edge for my lips, but of course, a lip liner does improve lipsticks’ staying power. Vibrant Rich Lipsticks apply quite opaque, stay well on the lips (for a lipstick) and don’t leave a stain behind. I haven’t noticed a scent while wearing these.

112 Natsufuyou is a beautiful muted rose beige, very close to Charlotte Tilbury’s Bond Girl, which might be a hint darker than SUQQU – and obviously much more matte. If you have tried Charlotte’s Matte Revolution but wanted something a bit more comfortable and less flat-looking, you’re going to love Vibrant Rich Lipsticks.
SUQQU Vibrant Rich Lipstick Swatches Final Thoughts
I think SUQQU nailed it with this collection! Garden After Rain is a beautiful Spring/Summer collection, and I can happily recommend the items I’ve tried. I’m especially impressed with the eyeshadow palette and lipstick. Pure Color Blushes are among my favorite blush formulas, but I think I already have something close to 126 Yuribeni. I hope I can pick up at least the other eyeshadow quad, which runs more purple. Sadly, Selfridges doesn’t seem to ship SUQQU to Finland any more, so I’ll be waiting for Harrods or Liberty releases.
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