Tips for our Favorite Subscription Boxes for Moms and Dad


If you follow regularly, you know that I love subscription boxes! More specifically, I love subscription boxes that have excellent quality products and offer great deals. In today's post, I'll share a few tips about ordering our favorite subscription boxes for moms and dads.

1. Look for examples of what has been in previous boxes.

If you search for spoilers + name of subscription box + the current year, you will probably find pictures of the contents of past boxes. For instance, I searched for SprezzaBox 2021 and found samples from previous months. I did the same for FabFitFun 2021 when I was curious about their most recent box. It's fun to see the contents and figure out if the subscription generally sends products that you appreciate.

2. Longer subscriptions often translate to better deals.

Many subscription services offer better pricing if you sign up for longer subscriptions. Many offer one-time purchases, subscriptions for 3, 6, or 12 months, or allow you to keep your subscription active as long as you want until you cancel. The rules vary by brand, but make sure that you check out whether there are better deals for longer subscriptions.

3. Read the rules.

Some subscriptions are for a set duration based on the option that you choose when you sign up. Some make it easy to pause a subscription if you will be on vacation or for any other reason while others do not.  For instance, my Get Basic subscription is pretty easy to pause at any time. On the other hand, I had a Birchbox subscription for a year and never found an option to pause the subscription.  While I love Birchbox, I was a little disappointed when I couldn't figure out how to pause my subscription when we were on vacation in summer and didn't want my beauty products to sit in our locked outdoor mailbox in 100+ degrees.  

4. Follow your packages!

In my experience, the companies that I subscribed to were good about communication and would send me an email when my box shipped.  I love using the tracking numbers to know when my packages are expected to arrive.  It's fun to have nice surprises and the ability to countdown!

5. Get real about the value for you.

I absolutely love the quality and prices from some of my subscriptions, including Basic Woman (for me), Basic Man (for my husband), FabFitFun (for me), and SprezzaBox (for my husband).   There are others that we enjoyed for a while, but then we entered different phases of life where they were no longer a good fit. 

For instance, I used to love FabKids when my oldest son was younger, but he eventually outgrew their styles. They carry his current size, but if we get surprised with a dinosaur shirt, he won't wear it, so the subscription became less value to us. (If you have younger children, I love their subscription!) 

I really liked Birchbox which sends beauty samples each month, but I didn't care for fragrances, lipstick, or other makeup surprises. I mainly wanted skincare products. I happily gave away the items that I didn't use to friends, but it would have been more value to me if there were more skincare items in the boxes. (I still recommend them if you love trying new beauty products!)

I love subscription boxes so much that I even tried a subscription for groceries from Imperfect Produce. This one was nice and I especially loved that their delivery service was extremely professional and reliable (they even text you when they are close to your house.) However, I eventually got a Sam's Club membership which offers a little more value for our current set up. 

Get Basic is one of my favorite subscriptions.  It's definitely my coziest subscription! This eco-friendly and stylish brand has the coolest subscription that sends an undershirt, underwear/panties, and socks. The longer that I have this subscription, the more that I love it! Having fresh undergarments delivered monthly is convenient and practical. It's also a great savings! My husband and I both have a subscription and get excited when it arrives because it's fun to have fresh undergarments. This may sound weird, but once you sign up, you'll realize what I mean. Plus, it's a no brainer when the pricing starts $19.99/month for a one-year subscription. If you want a shorter subscription, it's also a good deal, but I think that the year-long subscription is the best deal.

Here is an example of my Basic Woman subscription package for April 2021. It came with a brown top, black panties, and striped socks. I wish that you could feel the fabric for the shirt through my screen - it's incredibly soft!

My husband's Basic Man subscription for April 2021 was similarly awesome with the super soft fabrics. It's the funniest thing to listen to him when his monthly delivery arrives because he always raves about the fabrics.

SprezzaBox is awesome for my husband. My tween also likes to get in on this box and claimed most of the items from the April 2021 box. (My husband is too nice. Our son gets a little twinkle in his eye and has the cutest little face when he is excited. My husband gave him most of the items from the box.) 

You may have heard about this professionally curated box in GQ, Esquire, Forbes, or other venues.  This is only our first month, but my husband and son love, love, love it!

The box is nicely packaged and fun to open. (The box was stylish. My son upcycled the box to organize some items in his closet.). The box that we received had neutral gray colors with nice patterns for a special touch.

The items were absolutely perfect for my husband and son!  As I mentioned earlier, you want to consider the value of a subscription to your own situation. In this case, it was an exceptional value since my son could immediately put these items to good use. Plus, it crossed off an errand that I didn't need to shop for a new tie with him. Score!

FabFitFun is another subscription that adds excitement to my life because the curators of their boxes are rockstars. Their subscription is a little different because they ship quarterly instead of monthly. FabFitFun boxes are larger and more expensive since they are only delivered quarterly. The value has been exceptional in my experience! My past boxes have contained over $300 worth of high quality products when they charge just $49.99 and free shipping. (The price is even better if you subscribe for a one-year subscription.)

Let me share a couple of examples. The box below is my FabFitFun Spring 2021 box.

The next example is my FabFitFun Winter 2020 box.

I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse it what I've learned about subscription boxes and my personal favorite subscriptions!