Trisha Paytas Reveals She’s Transgender!

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Trisha Trisha Trisha. You know, we’ve gotten used to expecting the unexpected from Trisha Paytas over the years, but her latest video that she uploaded Monday might just take the cake for the most over the top nonsense yet.

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr here with Clevver News and yesterday Trisha Paytas logged onto the internet to drop a video where she’s claiming to be, quote, “a transgender female to male”.

In the 15-minute video, Trisha makes a lot of bold and woefully misinformed claims about her experience as a white heterosexual woman wanting to be a part of a marginalized community.

And look, you know here at Clevver we’re all about self-expression and personal growth. If Trisha had done, uh, an ounce of research into the topic and actually made a valid case, then we would definitely be happy for her!

But instead, she spread dangerous misinformation and belittled the plight of less privileged people who actually identify as transgender.

First, being transgender isn’t a choice. It comes with a lot of hardships and feelings of dysphoria, or a general unhappiness with the way you were born. You can’t CHOOSE to identify as a boy just because you get along with men better or don’t wear makeup every day.

She also says she doesn’t want to use pronouns like “They or them” because they’re “super confusing” and sound like plural people. She compares people who go by gender neutral pronouns to people with schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder.

Again, being transgender is not the same as having multiple personalities. It’s certainly not a mental disorder or something that can be treated. It’s claims like these that make Trisha’s video so dangerous - even though she didn’t mean for it to come off that way.
For years, people have been fighting to distinguish sexual and gender identity from mental disorders. It wasn’t until May of THIS YEAR that that world health organization took “gender identity disorder” off of the list of mental disorders in the global manual of diagnoses.

So up until this year, being transgender was considered by some of the world’s top scientists as a mental disorder. And Trish comparing “they/them” pronouns to schizophrenia have a huge debilitating impact on transgender rights.

And not only does Trisha choose to identify as a boy; she chooses to identify as a gay man - particularly a drag queen.

And I guess this all makes sense to someone who, just a few short years ago, posted a video where she claimed that being gay is a choice.

Oh, but that’s not all she said in that video:

So I’m not going to fully get into her comparing gay marraige to beasitality, but just know that Trisha has a history of exploiting marginalized communities for her own benefit.

And yes, she’s benefiting off of these videos. Her latest “I am transgender” video was monetized. And with over a million views, she’s making money from all the backlash.

Of course there’s already a ton of backlash.

Her Youtube video has over 58 thousand thumbs down.

I don’t think that Trish was ever trying to be funny in this video. I think she has feelings that she doesn’t know how to express. She was terribly misguided by her team, her gender identity therapist, and whoever else let her put these videos out.

Having short hair does not make you trans. Hating your name does not make you trans. Calling other women ‘catty’ and ‘competitive’ does not make you trans.

Trish, that’s just called male privilege. I’m pretty sure almost every cisgender woman is aware that their lives would be easier if they were a dude.

Yes, it’s generally harder for women in the workplace than it is for men. But just because you’re aware of the patriarchy doesn’t mean you’re trans.

I mean, just go listen to Taylor Swift’s “The Man” or watch “Erin Brockovich”. That’s the whole point.

But look, cancelling Trish isn’t going to teach her anything. Cancelling Trish isn’t going to stop transgender people from being discriminated against.

So Trish can still go by “She” or “T” or whatever she wants to go by. She can express her disdain for the gender binary without disregarding the lives of transgender people everywhere.

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